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Retarus Webinar Series Digital Transformation and Cloudification with Retarus Enterprise Cloud

Capitalize on the product advancements and benefit from the technical know-how of our experts. This Retarus Webinar Series is designed to deliver content that keeps you updated on the latest product developments, trends, and demands of the digital communication landscape.

Turning ideas into actions

The Retarus Webinar Series helps you discover how organizations are making an educated decision to move to the cloud and turning their ideas into actions. The speed of business demands that IT automate processes, modernize legacy applications, and deliver scalable and reliant infrastructure. All of this is achievable through a variety of product integrations designed to make your communications more effective, compliant, and secure. Find out how Retarus is the perfect partner for your Rapid Response Services, Healthcare Communications, and more. Take a look at our webinars below.

On Demand Webinar

Retarus’ Rapid Response Services

Any disruption, whether small or global, is a moving target and we understand the business continuity and performance pressures that you face with your communications infrastructure and workflows. We are here to help you address these challenges with the Retarus Cloud, in as soon as 48 hours including supporting your work from home scenarios.

  • Enterprise Fax, Email and SMS Services
  • Managed Capture Services
  • Email Continuity
  • 48h Onboarding Service Manager
  • 24×7 Global Support
On Demand Webinar | 8 mins | English
Free Webinar

Premier Cloud for Healthcare Communications

Increasing collaboration, advances in health analytics, real-time views of patient health, and strict protection of patient health information – Healthcare leaders are embracing and fundamentally changing the way technology is used for care delivery. To keep up with advances in healthcare, organizations now need to be able to provide innovative services designed to protect patients.


  • Outdated infrastructures
  • Process interruptions and inconsistent experience
  • Reporting and compliance gaps
  • Fragmented costs across many vendors


  • Cloudification of communication
  • Improved service experience
  • Data and breach protection
  • Cost saving and accelerated time to value
Free Webinar | 17 mins | English
Free Webinar

Emerging Stronger: Value-driven Innovation in Healthcare Communications

Emerging stronger from the crisis – Mohit Puri, Director Product & Services USA, offers you insights into the Retarus Communications Platform. Use our cloud-based solutions such as Cloud Fax, Transactional E-Mail, EDI and SMS to restore and develop your business communications even further.

Free Webinar | 12 mins | English
Free Webinar

The smart Predelivery Logic, more than just a policy engine

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic puts you in the driver’s seat with your emails. Retarus Predelivery Logic makes a dramatic contribution to essential business process automation through rules based on various characteristics. In this live webinar, Martin Mathlouthi, our Product Line Manager of the Secure Email Platform, will showcase the Predelivery Logic and present possible applications and use cases.

Free Webinar | 18 mins | English