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Retarus Integration and Automation Ensuring competitive advantage with digital supply chains

There’s many who promise it, but we deliver it: Digitalization with immediate results. Retarus adds more efficiency to your data exchange and processes straight away. The result: workflows along your value chain become more dynamic and agile, while reliability is increased and costs are reduced. We integrate customers and suppliers of any size directly into your supply chain systems, business applications, and ecosystems. In record time. We will be happy to confirm this in writing in a service level agreement.

Integrate Partners, Reduce Costs, Leverage Growth Opportunities.

Companies and factories are facing a massive increase in automated processes over the next few years. This is also what Gartner® analysts predict in their strategy paper “Gartner Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2021 and Beyond”. The analysts expect that by 2025, more than 20% of all products worldwide will be manufactured completely automatically. The basic prerequisite for this automation is the smooth exchange of data between machines and systems, applications, and ecosystems.

So now is the time to make sure your communications are on reliable, digital ground.

The Cloud for Efficient Supply Chain Communication

Integrate, digitize, automate — no matter the supply chain communication requirements, Retarus offers a central cloud platform that enables you to implement all integration and automation scenarios along your supply chain. Today and in the future. For maximum efficiency in your supply chain communication processes.

Integrate customers and suppliers of any size directly into your supply chain
Replace inflexible or inefficient EDI/WebEDI installations
Make your e-invoicing legally compliant in more than 60 countries
Digitize unstructured data using AI-based document processing
Retarus EDI-centric Integration and Automation

Implementations with SLAs: on Time and on Budget.

Fast connection of new business partners. Our experienced EDI consultants set up all connections and mappings for you. Even for complex projects — as quickly as possible. We guarantee this with a binding service level agreement. Of course, we are always here to support you after implementation as well. For example, whenever a quick customization is necessary or new EDI partners need to be integrated.

More Efficient Processes in All Business Areas.

From customer orders to material procurement and production, to order processing and invoicing — Retarus’ cloud-based integration and automation solutions increase efficiency across your entire value chain. In both the order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes.

Unburden Your IT

Be it implementing EDI, expanding or modernizing your in-house EDI system, or replacing your existing EDI solution — with Retarus’ Cloud EDI Integration, your IT has all advantages on its side. Quickly implemented and efficiently migrated. Without expense for operation, maintenance, and training. But with sufficient reserve capacity for secure and scalable operation at all times. This frees up IT resources for new projects. And time needed to successfully implement cloudification and digitalization strategies.

Better Collaboration with B and C Suppliers

Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers sends EDI orders to suppliers who do not have their own EDI system as interactive emails. This gives your suppliers direct access to a Retarus portal, where they can quickly and easily view, confirm, reject, or adjust their orders. No prior registration or login is required, yet it is absolutely secure. With a high level of acceptance among suppliers, you receive up to 75% more order confirmations and significantly reduce the amount of time needed to track outstanding order confirmations. It also eliminates the need to manually enter order confirmations, which is prone to errors.

Fewer Resources for Order Entry

We accept documents submitted by email or fax, such as handwritten order forms, on your behalf. They pass through our powerful Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) feature, which converts unstructured data into structured, machine-readable data in any format. You can import this data directly into your backend systems for further digital processing. Your level of automation increases, typical errors seen in manual order processing are eliminated, and your costs are measurably reduced by up to 60%. All this without having to make changes to your business partners’ standard processes.

More Efficient Invoicing Processes

We manage the legally compliant sending and receiving of electronic invoices for you worldwide. We support all common ecosystems, interfaces, formats, and protocols as well as over 60 national e-invoicing standards for B2B and B2G. This helps you manage not only the invoicing processes with your customers and suppliers, but also with authorities, public administrations, and platforms such as OpenPeppol, Chorus Pro, Ariba, and more.

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This Is What Retarus Integration and Automation Means for Your Supply Chain:

Accelerated sub-processes and process chains
Reduced complexity and lower costs
Premium service and support from the start
On-time partner connection guaranteed by an SLA
Smooth operation and maximum scalability
Cloud infrastructure with 100% GDPR-compliant data processing

Efficient Processes Along the Entire Supply Chain.

Retarus’ Integration and Automation Services increase the efficiency and reliability of business- or time-critical processes along your entire value chain.

Business Integration

Cloud EDI Integration

Integrated data exchange with customers and suppliers along the supply chain – for all industries, all formats, all standards.

Typical documents processed:

  • Payment Advice
  • Purchase Order
  • Order Confirmation
  • Invoice
  • Despatch Advice
  • Incoming Order

E-Invoicing (B2B and B2G)

Digitized invoice processes with customers, suppliers, and authorities according to international e-invoicing standards (B2B and B2G).

Typical documents processed:

  • Invoice

WebConnect for Suppliers

Integrate suppliers who do not use EDI directly into order processes.

Typical documents processed:

  • Purchase Order
  • Order Confirmation
  • Despatch Advice
Workflow Automation

Intelligent Document Processing

Convert unstructured data from incoming documents into structured data and transfer it directly to backend systems for further digital processing.

Typical documents processed:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Despatch Advice
  • Invoice
  • Incoming Order


Optional, manual post-capture of documents which cannot be recognized by IDR due to illegible handwriting, for example

Long Term Archiving

Legally compliant storage of EDI documents, such as purchase orders or invoices, according to national and international compliance guidelines

SLA & Service Management

From contractually agreed service levels that meet your needs in terms of scope of service, support, and response time, to a dedicated, personal service manager.

Retarus Cloud Services. Ranked by Leading Analysts.

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