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Secure Email Platform The Complete Solution for Business Email. Made in Europe.

Email is essential for business digitization and a complex challenge for IT departments regarding security, compliance, availability, and scalability. It’s time to simplify! You can rely on the Retarus Secure Email Platform: the complete best-in-class solution for email including security and continuity, transactional and marketing email, real-time monitoring and analytics, as well as workflow and routing services.

Email Is Your Digital Nervous System. And Your Achilles’ Heel.

Email is an integral part of every digital workplace. It is also used to manage business-critical processes.

But email today isn’t as simple as it once was. Gone are the easy days of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Instead, we have to deal with globally distributed, heterogeneous, and sometimes antiquated system landscapes. Often, workplace traffic and application traffic are one and the same. Cyber criminals are smarter and more targeted in their attacks. Emails continue to grow in complexity and their susceptibility to errors. What are the consequences? We see system malfunctions and costly process disruptions, even total operational failure.

Leave all of these problems behind and create real added value for your business with the Secure Email Platform from Retarus: the only cloud-based complete solution for email. We make sure your email works!

The Retarus Secure Email Platform Is the Right Solution for You If…

You want to protect your email communications at the highest level.
You want control over your entire business email workflow.
You want to back up your email infrastructure with a failover solution.
You use Microsoft 365 and send transactional emails from ERP/CRM systems.
You are migrating your SAP system to the cloud and have to send emails from SAP applications.
You want integration options for applications with email interfaces.
You want to use automated workflows, routing, and content recognition for pre-processing.
You want to combine communication channels such as EDI, fax, and SMS with email.
You must satisfy stringent compliance regulations and industry requirements.
You want to ensure 100% compliance with local data privacy regulations such as the GDPR.
You place great value on availability, personal service, and support.

IT Security Made in Europe

Made in Europe

The Best for Every Email. Whether It’s a Business Process or Personal Message.

The Retarus Secure Email Platform is one complete cloud-based solution for all of your email communications. For all companies who want to shape the future with email.

Patented security technology protects you from known, new, and still undetected phishing and cyber-attacks.
Multi-tiered reputation management guarantees the highest inbox placement rates for transactional and marketing emails.
Email Continuity with active backup ensures a seamless transition to a backup system at the very moment your email infrastructure is not available.
Content Recognition, Language Detection and Pre-Processing provide support for digitization, workflow automation, and process optimization.
API-based architecture makes it possible to send emails directly from business applications and ecosystems.
Encryption of emails and attachments guarantees maximum email data security and confidentiality.
Legally compliant archiving, signature, and Data Loss Prevention ensure worry-free compliance even in complex environments.
No intercontinental data exchange. All data is processed in the secure environments of Retarus’ data centers, never leaving the region it comes from.
Local support teams with the expertise you need are there for you all over the world—in your language, 24/7.

Simply Convincing: What Independent IT Analysts Are Saying about Retarus

In its report “On the Radar”, IT analyst firm Omdia summarizes why you should definitely have Retarus on your radar for corporate email. Whether you are looking for a full-service provider or want to effectively complement systems such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Salesforce, or SAP with individual email services.

Download the Omdia report “On the Radar: Retarus offers security, compliance, and infrastructure for corporate email” for free and learn more about what Retarus can do for your business.

Secure Email Platform – the New Dimension in Business Email.

Perfect solutions with add-ons for all aspects of the no. 1 business communication channel – from a single source and with modular options.

Email Security

Essential Protection

Anti-virus and anti-spam engines with end-to-end protection from phishing and spoofing – rounded out by inbound traffic management.

Advanced Threat Protection

Increased security for new and complicated threats – from social engineering to targeted attack.


Holistic email analysis in a virtual environment – managed and secured in Retarus’ own data centers.

Post Delivery Protection

Reliable detection and deletion of previously unknown malware upon delivery – with patented Retarus technology.

Forensics (for SIEM, NOC, SOC)

Delivers forensic data (events) in real time – for all conventional SIEM tools.

Email Compliance


Legally compliant real-time archiving of all internal and external emails – including a powerful search function.


Protection of confidential communication with key or password-based encryption – per S/MIME, PGP, OpenPGP or via a secure webmailer as needed.

Data Loss Prevention

Automatic pattern recognition for externally sent emails and individual configuration of allowed senders and recipients.

Email Infrastructure

Transactional Email

Reliable and secure high volume email dispatch – directly from existing business applications.

Bounce & Response Manager

Enhance Transactional Email by adding a channel for incoming emails – with user-defined rules to automate inbox organization and management.

Trace & Recover

Short-term storage of all emails generated by business applications – including a “re-processing” functionality.

Email Continuity

24/7 cloud-based webmail backup for emergency situations – with pre-provisioned inboxes that are ready for use by all employees at any time.

Predelivery Logic

Workflow automation for incoming emails to simplify organizing, rerouting, and processing.

SLA & Service Management

Contractually agreed service levels – tailored to specific needs.

Email Cloud Gateway

Comprehensive features for professional email management – replaces locally installed mail transfer agents.

Significant value-add for partners.

Include the Retarus Secure Email Platform in your portfolio and increase your revenue. Create real added value for your customers with our reliable, secure, and GDPR-compliant solutions. We provide our partners with extensive support across both implementation and marketing. We understand you naturally look after your customers independently and want to support you in the ways that help you be most successful. To that end, we offer an attractive business model with above-average margins that is tailored to the needs of IT service providers. Our motto: success through satisfied end customers, high-quality services, trust, and respect.

A Reliable Choice. Ranked by Leading Analysts.

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