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More Control over Inbound Emails Bounce and Response Management for High-Volume Email Dispatch

Retarus Transactional Email is a high-performance service enabling companies to send large volumes of transactional emails from their business applications. Dispatch peaks of up to ten million emails per hour are no problem. But how do you deal with the immense backlog of messages that a dispatch of such magnitude inevitably generates? Retarus Bounce and Response Manager is the perfect solution for the inbound channel and optimizes your support and service response times.

The Ideal Enhancement for Inbound Emails

With the Bounce and Response Manager, you and your staff will always maintain an overview of functional mailboxes, even with high email volumes and bounce rates. Thanks to comprehensive content analysis, automatically generated notifications, error messages, and out-of-office messages are systematically detected, classified, and separated from “real” responses early on. This ensures faster response times — and ultimately higher customer satisfaction. Inconvenient detours via “no reply” addresses is a thing of the past.

Comprehensive Rules Facilitate Workflow Automation

The Bounce and Response Manager cloud service is part of the Retarus Secure Email Platform and is therefore already active at the gateway level — before emails reach your company’s infrastructure. Optimize your inbound email traffic and create the best conditions for marketing and support workflow automation.

Fully automated rules give you access to many additional criteria. In addition to analyzing the content of the message (for example, language or specific phrases and keywords), you can also check technical parameters (for example, geographical origin/IP address or sender) and trigger specific actions based on these. Our Retarus experts in Support, Service Management, and Technical Consulting will be happy to assist you in configuring your own rules.

Use Case

Optimizing the Customer Journey: Faster Responses from Customer Support

Whether it’s newsletters, order confirmations, or delivery notices, the more emails a company sends, the more bounces it has to deal with. Manually sorting out returned emails in a timely manner is basically doomed to fail from the outset in the case of large-scale, automated dispatches. Today’s customers, with reason, expect quick and personal responses to their inquiries. The Bounce and Response Manager is the perfect complement to Retarus Transactional Email. It ensures that email streams are pre-selected within the Retarus infrastructure, so that valuable personnel resources are not tied up with administrative tasks, freeing them up for valuable communication with customers.

Retarus Bounce and Response Manager at a Glance


The key add-on to Transactional Email for inbound emails. The Bounce and Response Manager provides you and your employees an overview of your inbox at all times, even when email volumes are high. Keep out of office replies and hard bounces separate from legitimate customer inquiries to facilitate faster response and reply times.

  • Manage, organize, and route incoming emails, especially responses to transactional emails - processed in Retarus' datacenters in Europe
  • Traffic handling and workflow automation for marketing, support, and contact center
  • Meets the highest performance and compliance requirements especially for complex corporate environments
  • Completely cloud based; integral component of the Retarus Secure Email Platform
  • Automated virus scan for all incoming emails
Bounce and Response Manager

Bounce and Response Manager

Email, Made for Business.

Retarus Transactional Email allows you to automatically send large volumes of emails via API directly from business applications through the powerful, 100% GDPR-compliant Retarus Enterprise Cloud, without straining your own email infrastructure. Thanks to CSA certification and sophisticated reputation management with excellent delivery rates.

Further protect email traffic from your applications with Retarus Trace and Recover and accelerate support processes. The intelligent short-term storage enables service or contact center employees to quickly find and resend lost transactional emails without having to access the business application that originally sent them.

The Retarus Bounce and Response Manager is the perfect enhancement for transactional email. It allows you to manage your inbox, even when email volume is high. For example, customer inquiries can be automatically separated from out-of-office replies and hard bounces, significantly accelerating response and reply times.

Stay productive with Retarus Email Continuity even if your own email infrastructure isn’t available at that moment. Retarus provides transitional, ready-to-use, pre-provisioned webmail inboxes for your users. If an incident occurs, routing for your down email infrastructure can be redirected without interruptions to the active backup.

With Retarus Predelivery Logic, the processing of incoming emails can be fully automated and rapidly accelerated. Based on your own rules, messages are sorted by content, language, or other criteria and diverted, blocked, deleted, flagged, or edited accordingly—even before they reach your infrastructure.

Questions about the Retarus Bounce and Response Manager?

We are here to support you. Contact our experts and find out how Retarus Bounce and Response Manager can help you manage your inbox, even with high volumes of emails and bounce rates.