Managed EDI ServicesExchange data easier and faster

Optimize communication with your customers and suppliers. Read our case study to learn how you can automate the exchange of data with our high-performance Business Integration Platform.

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Smooth data exchange:
all formats, all industries, all systems and SAP-certified

Retarus Managed EDI Services ensure that communication with your business partners is efficient and your transactions are secure. Optimize not only your information flow, but also your supply chain. Communicate with your partners efficiently from any ERP, SCM or backend system.

We manage the entire EDI infrastructure and communication platform for you. Our experts handle system integration and business partner connection so that all processes run smoothly and reliably. You save time and money otherwise spent on operations and hardware.
Retarus Managed EDI Services let you focus on your core business. We harmonize data transfer processes and integrate all application formats and industry requirements. We also provide you with comprehensive process documentation upon completion of the project.


  • Certified for SAP NetWeaver
  • Certified for SAP HANA
  • Drummond Group-certified for EDIINT-AS2
  • Odette-certified for OFTP-2
  • Ford-certified VAN provider

Customized solutions for your industry

Benefit from our years of experience in project management: Retarus offers turnkey EDI solutions for every industry—preconfigured and easily implemented.

We have years of experience with EDI projects and have developed the perfect EDI solutions for your industry. The result? Stable, customized EDI industry solutions that are quickly implemented and productive from the start.

With Retarus, you benefit from the integrated exchange of logistics data and information. Our preconfigured EDI industry solutions and expertise guarantee fast implementations of technology that is ready for the next generation, ensuring maximum protection of your investments.


  • Logistics (openTRANS, EDIFACT)
  • Trade (EANCOM, SEDAS)
  • Automotive (VDA, EDIFACT)
  • Finance (DTA, SWIFT, EDIFACT)
  • Electronics (RosettaNet)
  • Paper (PapiNet)
  • Telecommunications (ELMO, ELVO, EVA, EVM)
  • Chemistry (Chem eStandards, Chem XML)
  • Other industry solutions upon request

Your benefits


All data formats, e.g. XML, EDIFACT, ANSI ASC X12


Support for all PIP processes


Significant time savings


Maximum performance and stability


All communication channels, e.g. RNIF 1.1 or 2.0


Extremely fast implementations


Modular, highly flexible and scalable


Minimal TCO thanks to low maintenance

We are here for you!

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