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Managed EDI ServicesExchange Data Easier and Faster

Optimize communication with your customers and suppliers. Read our case study to learn how you can automate the exchange of data with our high-performance Business Integration Platform.

Why Switching Pays Off

Over 20 years ago, Retarus was one of the first providers to offer EDI solutions solely as software as a service and as a managed service. Since then we have continued to develop our solution, making it one of the most powerful cloud services in the world.

Retarus Managed EDI Services ensure that communication with your business partners is efficient and your transactions are secure. Optimize not only your information flow, but also your supply chain. Communicate with your partners efficiently from any ERP, SCM or backend system.

Made in Europe

IT Security Made in Europe

Your Benefits


We are here to support you

Benefit from our know-how with consultation and support from our EDI experts.


We make the impossible possible

There is no “out of the box” EDI. Our solution is extremely flexible and customizable for exactly that reason.


No more in-house complexity

A cloud-only service with monitoring and services that would not be economically viable as an on-premise solution.


Predictability and reliability

Over 20 years of experience that includes project management; our highly qualified EDI engineers provide on-time implementation within the EU’s jurisdiction.


No project standstills

What doesn’t fit is made to fit: development, QA, operation and in-house support, that is, we can also provide ad-hoc services outside of release cycles.


Leading with security

Auditable data centers offer maximum transparency in terms of security and process reliability.


A partner for the future

Compliance with international requirements, continuous implementation of new requirements and support of special formats as needed.


Comprehensive services

EDI conversion, signing service, archiving service, validation service, file transfer service, capture services, reporting, etc.

Retarus Managed EDI Serivces

Our Services


Managed service

No expenses for management, operation and training. Personal point of contact, partner management, etc.


Migration design

Problems aren’t simply migrated into the cloud, careful project planning, parallel operation possible, data analysis, customized proposals.


Premium support services

24/7×365 hotline, 3-shift operation, SLA monitoring, automatic ticket creation, service manager.


E-invoicing platform for Europe

Support of hybrid formats (incoming and outgoing), B2G support, multiple input and output channels, capture service, electronic signature, data validation.


Long Term Archiving Service

Guaranteed compliance for 50+ countries, separate portal, redundant data centers, preservation service support, multi-file support.


Document validation service

Data quality management, check for mandatory field completion, master data, code lists, dependencies, calculations, and more.


Managed File Transfer

Transfer of complex OFTP2 or AS2 communication server, certificate management, processing of CAD data (ENGDAT).

Numerous References

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Pharma & healthcare
  • Food industry
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Logistics

Migrate Your EDI System to Retarus

Are you unhappy with your EDI solution or your current provider? Are you looking for better service or do you no longer want to manage your EDI system yourself? Then migrate to our state-of-the-art Business Integration Platform with first class service. We don’t simply migrate the problems you are having with your current on-premises application into the cloud:

1. Analysis

Our EDI experts work with you to analyze your current situation.

2. Planning

We then identify improvement options, and review your requirements and develop a migration plan.

3. Migration

As the two operate in parallel, we migrate all partners step-by-step, according to relevance.

Result: the most important partners benefit as needed from the advantages of Retarus Managed EDI Services.

Retarus Makes the Difference

EDI consulting services from the experts

With longstanding experience to fall back on, Retarus experts offer the best support possible when it comes to proof of concept and projects for your Managed EDI Service needs accompanied by a comprehensive portfolio of complementing services.

Full service:
  • Analysis of the current solution, identification of gaps or problems, suggestions for improvement (e.g. high availability, consolidation of the EDI systems to be replaced, review of support processes, in-house solution vs. on-premises vs. cloud)
  • Preparation of current system for new technologies and know-how transfer (e.g. FatturaPA)
  • Planning of new or customized EDI processes, functions, user-defined APIs or reports
  • Training for the implemented technologies for power users, administrators and customer help desk
  • Documentation, e.g. technical solution description, process manual, support manual, business continuity of services used

Managed service

Over 20 years ago, Retarus was one of the first providers to offer EDI solutions solely as a managed service. Since then we have continued to develop our solution, making it one of the most powerful cloud services in the world.

How Retarus defines managed service:
  • Our EDI experts are there to support you from the very start.
  • Retarus offers and manages the required EDI infrastructure with Retarus-developed software in state-of-the-art data centers in Munich.
  • Retarus facilitates the entire technical coordination with your partners (partner management).
  • Our specialists are located in Munich, Erfurt, Milan and Timisoara and speak the language of your business partners.
  • Our EDI implementation engineers create on-schedule data mappings, regardless of industry, business process, format or protocol.

Premium support services

When you place such important and critical elements of your supply chain in our hands, you are placing your trust in us. That is why we attach such great importance to our services for EDI and why we value our EDI support team.

Quality promise:
  • Service hours up to 24/7×365 (hotline and email, on-call service in 3 shifts)
  • SLA guarantee and compliance
  • Monitoring with automatic ticket creation in real time for conversion and communication errors
  • Incident and escalation management for critical errors
  • Optional dedicated service manager for premium support

Fully Satisfied Customers

Many companies around the world already trust in Retarus. Select your industry and find out who is already benefiting from Retarus’ Business Integration Services:

We Are Here to Support You.

Do you have questions? Would you like more information about Retarus Managed EDI Services? We would be glad to hear from you. Call or send us an email. We would be happy to stop by and show you our solutions.