Cell Broadcast SMS services to alert residents in Germany

Cell Broadcast SMS services to alert residents in Germany

Following catastrophic floods in July, the federal and state governments in Germany have looked to learn from the disastrous attempts to alert the population via broadcast sms services in North Rhine-Westphalia and decided to introduce the Cell Broadcast system. The German Bundesrat (federal council) has already approved the act providing the legal framework for the mobile phone alerts. According to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the system is able to send instant, targeted alerts to a large number of people via text message (SMS-CB). Countries including the USA and Japan have already been using Cell Broadcast to warn their citizens of impending dangers such as storms or earthquakes for several years. Short messages, whether via SMS or Cell Broadcast, reach every mobile phone and are particularly well suited for sending precisely targeted messages quickly and reliably. This kind of use scenario is one that can also commonly be found in business and at companies.

Retarus Enterprise SMS Services for Companies: Effective, cost-efficient, and highly reliable

Retarus offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise SMS services for B2B and B2C use cases. Whether SMS is employed for confirming, reminding, coordinating, advertising, or alerting: Enterprise SMS provides companies with a wide variety of potential uses. Amongst communication media, SMS is virtually without equal in terms of the flexibility with which it can be leveraged for exchanging information with customers, partners, or employees. With Retarus as your professional SMS provider, communicating with customers by way of transactional SMS becomes more reliable and cost-efficient. SMS offers unique benefits for communication with customers, partners, or staff. With an open rate of 98%, no other medium achieves greater acceptance than SMS. And, remarkably, 90% of all SMS messages are read within three minutes.   

Emergency communications for the automotive sector

To cite one example, Retarus enables and safeguards emergency communications for a leading German car manufacturer via SMS. Through the Retarus Messaging Platform – which comprises email, fax and SMS services – the inbound and outbound communication is integrated into the emergency and incident management plans at the car manufacturer. This results in the all-round optimization of operating procedures and workflows when coordinating emergency, vehicle service, or repair activities.

To facilitate this process further, global ISP and carrier management ensures excellent delivery rates and coverage. Not to mention, customer satisfaction is boosted and internal processes are considerably sped up. As an added bonus, Retarus offers service and compliance on the enterprise level, including guaranteed SLAs to secure critical communications.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Would you like to find out more about how Enterprise SMS and the Retarus Messaging Platform could also ensure and secure your company’s critical communications? Take this opportunity to get in touch with your local Retarus representative.

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