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Integration that optimizes

With the Retarus Managed EDI Services you can interconnect business partners efficiently and securely so all of your transactions are optimized within your supply chain. Retarus standardizes the data transfer processes and integrates all application formats and industry standards. Our service ensures timely and accurate delivery of each transaction and we provide full transparency of your process flows. With our powerful network, we integrate disparate systems which allows you to communicate effectively from any ERP, SCM or back-end systems that your partners utilize.

Transparency to the last detail

In the Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS), we provide you all the information about status, quality and volume of communication with your partners – whenever you need and as detailed as you want it. The EAS portal gives you all of the transactions conducted by your EDI partners, each individual document, the source and destination files and the document volumes. With our real-time monitoring, you can even see the second our systems communicates your messages – an unmatched level of transparency in the EDI process.

Retarus’ high performance system routinely completes thousands of processes per minute.

Conversion, logging, archiving and dispatch – all of this takes Retarus’ data centers less than 60 seconds on average.

Over 10,000 successful connections in Managed EDI since 1992 provide testimony to Retarus’ experience and expertise.

The benefits speak for themselves

  • Support for all sectors, formats and protocols
  • Fast and flexible adaptation to new requirements
  • Seamless partner integration
  • Integration for non EDI-enabled partners
  • Maximum availability (24/7/365)
  • Total control through reporting and monitoring tools
  • No investment in hardware or software
  • Continuous development of services

Retarus Managed EDI Services – efficient, innovative and built for the future

The Retarus Managed EDI Services are continuously developed and adapted to current technological standards. It is our commitment to you that you will always be ready for the next technology without customizing or enhancing your applications. Talk to us today to see how your business can take advantage of Retarus’ global communication network!

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  • Certified for SAP NetWeaver
  • Drummond Group certified for EDIINT AS2
  • Odette OFTP 2 certified
  • Ford Certified VAN Provider

Retarus’ EDI solutions work with any system, any sector and all standards

Retarus Managed EDI Services allow you to focus on your core business: we take care of integrating your systems, connecting your business partners and ensuring that all processes run smoothly and reliably – no matter how complex your requirements are. Our Managed EDI Services are operated in our own data centers and adhere to the highest US and European data protection guidelines, fulfilling also the mandates of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Retarus not only delivered Unicode support from the very beginning, but Sigma-Aldrich benefits from the complete cost transparency and the significant increase in the transaction safety of their fax communication.

Oliver Pannenbäcker, Vice President, retarus GmbH

Case Studies: Each customer is a recommendation

Organizations from all industries and of all sizes utilize the Retarus communication platform to optimize their business and messaging processes. Our case studies provide examples of how organizations have utilized the Retarus suite of services to meet their companies messaging requirements.

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