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Email, fax, SMS, and EDI from SAP The Communication Platform to Get SAP Processes up and Running

Let Retarus’ cloud solutions help your SAP systems communicate. With your customers, suppliers and partners. Via email, fax, SMS, and EDI. Incoming and outgoing. Always secure and reliable. Anywhere in the world.

For Good Relationships and Successful Connections.

From communicating with customers to interfacing with partners— Retarus manages both incoming and outgoing message streams to and from SAP applications and with applications connected to the SAP cloud.


B2B and B2C order processing, customer surveys, confirmation emails or notifications. With Retarus you can also map your customers’ individual requirements along your customer journey and on a central platform. Includes integration with and reporting in the SAP Marketing Cloud.


Order processes, document digitization, billing or marketing. Retarus sends your documents and data reliably from point A to point B anywhere in the world. Via your required medium of communication, in the required target format and at just the right time. It’s also possible to receive incoming messages that are consolidated and digitized in the target format required by your application.

All the Communication Options You Need for Your SAP Processes.

Consolidate your SAP processes and fulfill all internal and external compliance guidelines worldwide. Trust in Retarus to fulfill your organization‘s specific requirements—with solutions for email, fax, SMS, and EDI.

Retarus Messaging Platform

With , you can easily send millions of emails per hour during peak times, contractually guaranteed by your service level agreement and connected to your SAP system. Benefits to you are the logical separation of email dispatch from your business applications and user-based email traffic, as well as IP allowlisting by large ISPs through our CSA certification and comprehensive reputation management. Retarus keeps your sender score high and ensures that your messages reach their recipients’ inboxes, not spam folders.

With Retarus Cloud Fax, you can easily digitize business processes that were once analog. Send business documents such as quotations, order confirmations and orders directly from your SAP applications. All fax orders are optimized for transmission by Retarus and immediately sent in accordance with SAP system priorities. The fax status is then reported back to the corresponding SAP system.

With Retarus Enterprise SMS, you can send and receive text messages directly via your SAP applications. Without system modifications, without hardware and software installation, and without your own GSM infrastructure. With an opening rate of 98 percent, no other communication medium is accepted more widely. And with two-way SMS, you can start a real dialog that gives customers the opportunity to reply.

Retarus Integration and Automation

With Retarus Intelligent Document Processing, you receive fax documents as PDF or TIFF files in your SAP applications. Service options such as text and barcode recognition (OCR) allow you to optimally integrate digitized documents in existing workflows so they are available immediately for automatic processing.

Retarus Cloud EDI Integration ensures that communication with your business partners is efficient. Optimize not only your information flow, but also your supply chain. Communicate with your partners efficiently via your SAP environment.

With Retarus, we have found a partner who has helped us set up and easily operate a scalable cloud-based desktop SMS, desktop fax, and SAP fax solution.

Öner Durmaz, Project Lead and System Consultant, Corporate Sector Information Systems and Services –
Unified Communication Services, Robert Bosch GmbH

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Secure, Compliant, and Transparent. Auditable, Scalable, and Calculable.

Retarus offers you maximum reliability and transaction security, transparent reporting, and centralized management. Reliable, compliant with the strictest data protection guidelines, and provided in auditable data centers, enabling local data processing on three continents.
Stay flexible and prevent under and over utilization. Regardless of whether you send 1,000 emails today or one million tomorrow, Retarus’ powerful infrastructure provides you with the exact volume you need at any given point in time.

From REST to SMTP and RFC. All APIs for All SAP Systems

Seamlessly integrated: Connect your SAP systems directly to the Retarus Enterprise Cloud or use the central interface of the SAP Cloud Platform. With our standardized and flexible REST API and SMTP interfaces, we are able to support any application.
We even have your on-premises or hybrid landscapes covered with our standardized and SAP-certified interfaces (BC-SMTP or also RFC).
SAP certified
SAP Silver Partner

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