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Email Infrastructure Manage and Protect Complex Email Infrastructures.

Advancements in cloudification are transforming IT. Key drivers in this are standardized cloud offerings such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. At the same time, they also expose gaps and vulnerabilities. Especially if business-critical processes – which may span multiple corporate locations, countries, or continents – depend on email as the channel of communication.

Retarus Email Infrastructure Services offer all the functionality you need to close these gaps so you can fully protect and optimize your email infrastructure. Regardless of whether you have future plans to migrate to the cloud, are currently in transition, or have already arrived there.

The challenge

Active Control Over All Email Traffic.

Although many cloud offers seem to suggest otherwise: globally distributed, heterogeneous, or antiquated on-premises systems cannot easily be migrated to the cloud. In particular, complex or hybrid enterprise e-mail infrastructures need to be bolstered and protected with important add-on services to keep communication – and the business – running. Whether its overruling the sending limits of transactional emails, separating workplace and application traffic, protecting all email communication from downtimes with a provider-independent “active” backup solution, or applying intelligent routing as a basis for efficient workflow automation – the requirements for email as a communication channel are becoming increasingly complex and demand new answers.

Retarus Email Infrastructure Services give you more than just answers. They allow you to take back complete control over your email communication.

“Connecting to the service via standard interfaces such as SMTP and REST enables a virtually seamless technical transition, especially with such a large number of different applications.”

Manfred Eder, Group Head Messaging and Communication Services, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

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Email, Made for Business.

Retarus Transactional Email allows you to automatically send large volumes of emails via API directly from business applications through the powerful, 100% GDPR-compliant Retarus Enterprise Cloud, without straining your own email infrastructure. Thanks to CSA certification and sophisticated reputation management with excellent delivery rates.

Further protect email traffic from your applications with Retarus Trace and Recover and accelerate support processes. The intelligent short-term storage enables service or contact center employees to quickly find and resend lost transactional emails without having to access the business application that originally sent them.

The Retarus Bounce and Response Manager is the perfect enhancement for transactional email. It allows you to manage your inbox, even when email volume is high. For example, customer inquiries can be automatically separated from out-of-office replies and hard bounces, significantly accelerating response and reply times.

Stay productive with Retarus Email Continuity even if your own email infrastructure isn’t available at that moment. Retarus provides transitional, ready-to-use, pre-provisioned webmail inboxes for your users. If an incident occurs, routing for your down email infrastructure can be redirected without interruptions to the active backup.

With Retarus Predelivery Logic, the processing of incoming emails can be fully automated and rapidly accelerated. Based on your own rules, messages are sorted by content, language, or other criteria and diverted, blocked, deleted, flagged, or edited accordingly—even before they reach your infrastructure.


The Advantages of Retarus Email Infrastructure Services at a Glance.



Additional services that are independent of your email infrastructure. Control and optimize your email traffic in Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and from within heterogeneous and hybrid environments with on-premises mail servers.



Be prepared for emergencies and remain accessible to customers and partners even in crisis scenarios. Secure your email communications after cyber attacks, hardware failures, or cloud downtimes. 



Separate application and desktop traffic. Our central email gateway handles the sending of transactional or marketing emails from any business application. Problems sending high volumes of email during peak loads are a thing of the past.


With Retarus real-time monitoring and granular search, you can always track the status of each individual email. Retrievable via our central, web-based administration portal. Our Service Management additionally provides comprehensive and customized reports.



Throughput and bandwidth guaranteed. We make sure to keep our promises. Contractually guaranteed by SLAs. Ten million emails per hour with Retarus Transactional Email? No problem. We’ll even confirm it in writing.



To make it as easy as possible for you to use our services with your existing infrastructures, Retarus consistently relies on standardized interfaces and APIs (SMTP/REST). Our services are available for all common business applications. All without disrupting existing processes or workflows.



All infrastructure services are an integral part of the modular Retarus Secure Email Platform. This allows you to benefit from seamless interaction with a wide array of innovative security and compliance functions.



Decide where email traffic goes even before messages reach your own infrastructure. Our toolbox for a customizable set of rules ensures your company’s email traffic does what you want it to do.

Made in Singapore

ISAE 3402 Vertified Type II
CSA Certified Senders Alliance
Everything from a single source

Email Thought Through to the End. Innovative Services for a Holistic Approach.

Rely on the Retarus Secure Email Platform and benefit from numerous other modular services for Email Security or Email Compliance. All this, as you have come to expect from us: with best-in-class solutions at the enterprise level. It’s how you can comprehensively protect your business from cyber attacks and advanced threats, keep your information safe from data theft, all while easily complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Everything 100% GDPR compliant.

Retarus Secure Email Platform

Essential Protection
Advanced Threat Protection
Post Delivery Protection
Forensics (for SIEM, NOC, SOC)
Email Archive
Email Encryption
Data Loss Prevention
Transactional Email
Trace & Recover
Bounce & Response Manager
Email Continuity
Predelivery Logic
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