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Global Communication Processes: Bosch Relies on Retarus

The Bosch Group is a leading technology and services company which employs a staff of over 360,000 around the world. To ensure consistently smooth communication, the company relies on Retarus’ Cloud Services for its comprehensive SMS and fax services.

Initial Situation

Highly Diverse Demands on SMS and Fax Services

Robert Bosch GmbH sends over 300,000 fax documents to customers, dealers and suppliers around the world on a daily basis. And another 5,000 SMS are sent to mobile telephones. Bosch employees can send fax documents and SMS messages directly from their PCs – either from their email client or from SAP applications. The dependability and security of the transmission is a key priority for Robert Bosch GmbH, because this communication is used, after all, for processing orders, sending offers and triggering alerts. It is, moreover, essential that it is possible to check and log the transmission and reception of messages sent via both media.


Setting up a Globally Deployable Solution

Bosch requires a solution, which allows SMS messages and fax documents to be reliably sent and received irrespective of geographical location. The system has to fulfill all their requirements for quality and traceability. These include, for example, easy-tounderstand reports about transmitted SMS and fax documents, and their delivery to recipients. In addition, it must be possible for employees around the globe to send SMS messages to the various domestic mobile communications networks. Suppliers are sent faxes directly out of SAP to ensure just-in-time production, while orders from customers of all Robert Bosch GmbH’s business units or divisions are as well received by means of fax. As the communication requirements differ greatly from division to division, employees have to be able to decide for themselves whether they would like to communicate via SMS or fax, and which of the solutions they would like to have activated.

„In Retarus we have found a partner with which setting up and operating a scalable, cloud-based desktop SMS, fax and SAP fax solution functions very smoothly.“

Öner Durmaz, Project Leader and Systems Consultant, Corporate Sector Information Systems and Services – Unified Communication Services, Robert Bosch GmbH

Primary Challenges

Implementing the Solution despite Sector-Specific Requirements

The global corporation Bosch comprises many business units which have to respond with agility to diverse customer requirements with the help of their information technology. For instance, members of staff at just one of their sites send tens of thousands of SMS in one day within the context of a marketing campaign, while at another site fax services are introduced to receive and process orders from customers.

Adapting to Bosch’s Internal Processes
Retarus has supported Bosch in meeting many challenges of this kind, achieved certification with flying colors and found fitting solutions. The Bosch Group has its own standardized procedures and tools, to which Retarus’ solutions had to be adapted. Here too, the corporation could rely on the assistance provided by its partner Retarus.


Scalability and Adaptability to Flexible Customer Needs

Whether there are several hundred workers in China and the US or just two technical users in Singapore: Retarus’ services function reliably and cost-effectively at all sites. The internal IT team often receives urgent requests from various departments and divisions that are in critical need of quick solutions. Thanks to the excellent integration into the Bosch environment and processes, Retarus is in the position to provide dependable services to meet these needs at short notice. This means that business operations are not restricted, even when underlying conditions change quickly.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive usage directly at your PC
  • Integration in email clients and SAP
  • High levels of data security
  • Reliable delivery worldwide
  • Detailed reports

Future-Proof SMS and Fax Services

In collaboration with Retarus, Bosch has connected over 6,000 users in five countries as well as 20 SAP systems. The services can be operated with minimal effort, are user-friendly and adapt flexibly to meet the steadily rising SMS and fax volumes. Retarus has made it possible for Bosch to provide their employees with reliable services.
Robert Bosch GmbH is banking on Microsoft and Retarus. Setting up a globally operative Microsoft environment requires a highly competent partner. The aim is to integrate the Microsoft Office and Exchange environments into the SMS and fax services with minor effort and sound processes, so that more than 360,000 employees around the world can rely on smooth communication.

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