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Compliance with Retarus A Compliant Future Made Simple

As globalization, digitalization, and cloudification increase, legal and regulatory requirements continue to grow more complex. Especially when it comes to data processing and the exchange of information. Find out how Retarus can make your digital communications compliant and ready for the next generation.

Digital Communication According to Your Rules


It doesn’t matter in which industry you work: be it healthcare, finance, automotive, retail, manufacturing, or the public sector. Whether you operate locally or globally. Or if you need to comply with legislation, industry standards, or internal policies. Our Cloud Services help you to globally communicate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


As a privately owned company headquartered in Germany and our own data centers in Switzerland, Europe, Asia, and North America, we also implement individual security and quality requirements. For example, regional data processing exclusively in Switzerland, the EU, Asia, or the USA, with guaranteed bandwidth, and 24/7 support in the local language.


Want to see for yourself how Retarus delivers high standards? In the course of an audit, you can closely examine our data centers and all relevant processes.

IT Security Made in Europe

Made in Singapore

Compliance with Retarus in Real-Life Applications:

Want to ensure that your communication processes are GDPR compliant or meet standards or laws such as SOC 1 and 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, or TISAX? Need to securely transmit sensitive patient data or implement retail recalls quickly and correctly? Need to issue compliant communications in the financial sector or archive e-mails in a legally compliant manner? Retarus makes it all possible. See for yourself.