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MAKE THE EMAIL CHANNEL PART OF YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSESContent Analysis and Workflow Automation for Enterprise Emails

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic puts you in the driver’s seat of your emails. Analyze and process emails according to content, origin, and other criteria—even before they reach your infrastructure. From organizing and redirecting to monitoring and editing, our toolbox of conditions and actions allows you to have all your email traffic play by your own rules.

The Sooner the Better. Steer Your Email Traffic in the Right Direction!

The feedback from our large enterprise customers is clear: in order to tackle new complexities, an intelligent and flexible approach is needed, especially when email communication moves to the cloud. Companies want more control over their incoming email traffic, ideally before emails are delivered to their internal infrastructure. Because the sooner your system intervenes to manage emails, the greater the potential for accelerated and automated workflows.

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic is our answer. This innovative service analyzes and optimizes emails based on your individual rules during their interaction with the Retarus Enterprise Cloud. The result is maximum flexibility that surpasses the capabilities of both server specific rules and individual inbox rule sets.

AICPA: SOC certificate
AICPA: SOC certificate

More Than “Just” a Policy Engine: The Starting Point for Your Workflow Automation

Offering an unlimited number of combinations and configurations, Retarus’ Predelivery Logic goes far beyond the functionality of typical policy engines available in the market. Not only does Retarus’ solution offer user-dependent email routing to specific servers or locations within the company network and to subsidiaries, but we go an important step further.

Play by Your Own Rules When It Comes to Email

Predelivery Logic significantly enhances workflow automation. As an example, emails can be analyzed and processed based on their content or language, including automated presorting into role-based inboxes. When an email arrives, it is routed—depending on its language or content—to the applicable servers or if you prefer, directly to the responsible department within the company. Fully automated, rule-based processing of emails is also available—from rewriting addresses to adding keywords (“tags”) to subject lines.

A Powerful Toolbox Paired with First-Class Support

Predelivery Logic is the central tool for you to steer all email traffic in the right direction at an early stage and is offered as a self-service solution via the Retarus Enterprise Administration Services (EAS) Portal. You can create, edit, and prioritize rules in the portal’s editor at any time, all with full transparency. Retarus’ experts are always available upon request to consult with you about best practices for implementing rules.

Free Webinar

The Smart Predelivery Logic, More Than Just a Policy Engine

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic puts you in the driver’s seat of your emails. Retarus Predelivery Logic makes a dramatic contribution to essential business process automation through rules based on various characteristics. In this live webinar, Martin Mathlouthi, our Product Line Manager of the Secure Email Platform, will showcase the Predelivery Logic and present application examples and use cases.

Retarus Predelivery Logic: Your Benefits



Compatible with on-premises, hybrid, or cloud email infrastructures


New conditions and actions being added constantly


Faster processes = shorter response times = happier customers


State-of-the-art self-service portal in your browser

Channel partner benefit

Significant value-add compared to non-adaptable standard services

In good time

Pre-processing at the gateway level routes your emails to the right place from the start

Cloud service

No hardware, no software, always up to date


No administration, operation, nor maintenance costs


Fail-safe operation in data centers on your continent


Multi-lingual hotline available 24/7/365, 3-shift coverage, SLA monitoring

Retarus Predelivery Logic at a Glance

With the Predelivery Logic, emails are already analyzed and optimized even before they have been forwarded to your infrastructure. The Predelivery Logic service allows IT managers to control, organize, redirect or adapt all email traffic based on defined rule sets – each consisting of conditions and actions.
  • Controlling, organizing and routing of all enterprise email traffic
  • Facilitate specific use cases through flexibly configurable rules (consisting of predicates and actions)
  • Combined solution for security, traffic handling/IT infrastructure and workflow automation
  • Best performance and compliance, designed for complex enterprise environments
  • Fully Cloud-based and integrated into Retarus Secure Email Platform
  • Predelivery Logic

    Predelivery Logic

    Predelivery Logic Editor

    Predelivery Logic Editor

Email, Made for Business.

Retarus Transactional Email allows you to automatically send large volumes of emails via API directly from business applications through the powerful, 100% GDPR-compliant Retarus Enterprise Cloud, without straining your own email infrastructure. Thanks to CSA certification and sophisticated reputation management with excellent delivery rates.

Further protect email traffic from your applications with Retarus Trace and Recover and accelerate support processes. The intelligent short-term storage enables service or contact center employees to quickly find and resend lost transactional emails without having to access the business application that originally sent them.

The Retarus Bounce and Response Manager is the perfect enhancement for transactional email. It allows you to manage your inbox, even when email volume is high. For example, customer inquiries can be automatically separated from out-of-office replies and hard bounces, significantly accelerating response and reply times.

Stay productive with Retarus Email Continuity even if your own email infrastructure isn’t available at that moment. Retarus provides transitional, ready-to-use, pre-provisioned webmail inboxes for your users. If an incident occurs, routing for your down email infrastructure can be redirected without interruptions to the active backup.

With Retarus Predelivery Logic, the processing of incoming emails can be fully automated and rapidly accelerated. Based on your own rules, messages are sorted by content, language, or other criteria and diverted, blocked, deleted, flagged, or edited accordingly—even before they reach your infrastructure.

We Are Here to Support You.

Do you any have questions or would like more information about Retarus Predelivery Logic? Give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to show you our solutions.