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Product Recalls: Communicate Quickly
and Reliably with Retarus WebExpress

The Challenge

Complex legal provisions require companies to notify their business partners and customers especially quickly to stop sales immediately in the case of a product recall. This means informing and involving partners all the way along the supply chain. Otherwise the company can expect to face upset customers, costly compensation and claims for legal recourse, or in the worst case they could even cause bodily harm. For dependable communication in a crisis situation, manufacturers therefore need a flexible solution, with which they can reach their recipients in the fastest way possible and which allows them to track delivery and receipt of the message with great precision.

The Background

Many companies fulfill their obligation to inform customers and partners by addressing their contacts through several different channels in parallel. Supermarkets or pharmacies are, for instance, best contacted by fax-so that the information reaches the fax machines directly in offices or on shop floors. Depending on the product concerned, recalls are also subject to differing legal frameworks. Urgent safety information letters for pharmaceutical products prescribe exactly in which way and how quickly pharmaceutical companies have to notify stakeholders of any drug risks that come to light. Sales representatives, on the other hand, can be reached much faster by sending an SMS or email to their mobile phones. For press releases and public relations, however, email is a preferred information channel. The problem is that addressing customers and partners by means of a variety of different media demands a huge amount of administrative effort to manually maintain the distribution lists. At the same time it is very difficult to prove that the recipient has indeed received the message.

The Solution

Using the web-based messaging platform Retarus WebExpress, enterprises reach their employees, partners and customers in a flash—across various media and individualized to address the respective recipient. Within the portal, the transmission channels email, fax and SMS are provided via a single, integrated browser interface. So a product recall can include transmission through a variety of channels. Distribution lists can conveniently be maintained directly in Retarus WebExpress. Excel files can also be imported or data automatically uploaded into the portal.

Customer Benefits

  • Quick response times
  • High levels of customer satisfaction
  • Prevents claims for compensation
  • Fulfills statutory obligation
  • Less administrative effort
  • Immediately trackable

Benefits at a Glance

Optimum bandwidth at all times
High delivery rates
Detailed reports
Express delivery
Centrally managed templates
Multichannel transmission from one list

Use Case

To ensure that faulty products can be pulled from circulation as quickly as possible, processes need to be smooth and easy to follow. By using Retarus WebExpress for time-critical processes, companies benefit from high delivery rates, irrespective of the channels they employ to contact their business partners or customers. In this way, not only emails can be delivered without any delay. Thanks to Retarus’ NeverBusy Technology even enormous fax jobs can be sent automatically in the optimum sequence.

Retarus’ Enterprise Cloud ensures that any bottlenecks in transmission capacity can be avoided, even at peak times. The network also uses numerous aggregators to cover virtually all mobile networks around the globe and facilitates efficient SMS transmission due to highly reliable routing. With Retarus WebExpress companies can already set up a messaging job in advance for product recalls. If the worst comes to the worst, the company can then quickly adapt these templates and send the message out in next to no time. The relevant recipients receive the information without delay and can take action immediately.

More information

In order to save valuable time in critical situations, existing distribution lists can also easily be imported to the platform with just a few clicks. Retarus WebExpress also allows several communication channels to be served from one distribution list if the user so requires. At the same time it supports the important features of each of the means of communication—no matter whether the key message is reduced to 160 characters in an SMS, laid out on a fax page or sent as an email. This ensures that each recipient receives the message in their preferred channel or in a legally compliant way.

The detailed analysis of delivery and throughput rates in real time allows companies to see immediately whether the messages have reached their intended recipients. In cases where delivery has failed, the system can be set up to then automatically contact these recipients using another means of communication.

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Did You Know?

In case of overstreched resources at your company you can call upon Retarus’ Broadcast FullService experts to take over the creation and transmission of your messages for you.

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