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Long live the fax! 3 reasons why it is still essential in 2023 (and beyond)

Sydney, 21.03.2023 // Cloudification, digitization, and protecting sensitive information: Retarus explains why the fax will continue to be an essential tool for many organizations in the coming year.
Digital fax has evolved to adapt to business’ digital transformation needs. Even in 2023, the fax continues to add value by offering automated options and making it easier to digitize previously analog workflows, thus increasing operational efficiency. More specifically, companies can now use cloud-based fax services and modern fax APIs, which allow them to take full advantage of this secure and legally binding communication channel. With this in mind, Retarus – one of the main international providers of Enterprise Cloud solutions for Messaging, E-mail Security, and Business Integration – has identified three reasons why the fax will continue to be an essential tool for many organizations in the coming year.

1. Process “cloudification”

The COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent rapid increase of smart working has resulted in a momentous shift towards cloud-based digital business models. Furthermore, as a result of inflation and general price increases, companies now find themselves under significant new pressures which “force” budget managers to plan as effectively and sustainably as possible. In this case, cloud services are often a viable solution. Their flexibility and scalability allow services to be tailored precisely to current demand, thus avoiding over or under-capacity. As a result, innovations can be brought to market faster, while costs can be optimally managed. As far as the fax is concerned, the world is witnessing a shift from costly on-premise fax server infrastructures to transparent, “cloud-based” fax services.

2. The digital fax as a cutting-edge technology

As mentioned above, the fax is no longer (simply) the physical tool we once knew and loved. It is now a fax message that can easily be received in PDF format or directly to an email inbox. Even the company fax server can be replaced by a state-of-the-art cloud fax service which can be integrated into any pre-existing business application or versatile all-in-one printers, thus entirely replacing expensive fax cards and analog telephone lines. Furthermore, the IP-ready cloud fax ensures the highest transmission quality and offers value-added options such as digitizing incoming documents and workflows via data capture or barcode routing. In short, updated technology with the same goal: to ensure that information securely and reliably reaches their recipients at the right time, in the right place, and in the required format, ultimately simplifying daily workflows.

3. Ideal for sectors that handle sensitive data

Fax technology can prove extremely useful in managing critical business processes such as transmitting patient records between doctors, hospitals, and laboratories; sending contracts, orders, and invoices; or even trading securities in the financial services sector. In highly regulated industries, processing and protecting sensitive business, personal, and financial data must comply with a stringent set of regulations (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA or PCI DSS). An important aspect for providers will be to continue offering companies the option to modernize and cloudify their fax processes, thus ensuring maximum reliability and preventing regulatory risks.

“By means of our enterprise-level Cloud Fax solutions, we help companies follow a cloud-first strategy by complying with the most stringent data protection regulations and industry standards,” commented Martin Hager, Retarus founder and CEO. “We do this by providing a highly scalable, extremely reliable, and 100% secure service. In this way, businesses can reduce investment and process costs by up to 80% when compared to in-house fax servers or on-premise fax infrastructures.”

About Retarus

Retarus offers Enterprise Cloud solutions for Messaging, Email Security, and Business Integration. At the highest service level, with top performance, security, compliance with data protection regulations, and global availability. Retarus' services are successfully used for cloudification and securing messaging and email infrastructures, as well as for the intelligent automation of business processes and workflows. Retarus, headquartered in Munich, was founded by Martin Hager in 1992 and has been owner managed ever since. The company employs around 500 people in 19 offices on four continents. Over 40 percent of the companies listed in the S&P Global 100 rely on Retarus. More information:

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