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Microsoft 365 Protection & ComplianceIncrease the Level of Security for Your Microsoft 365 Environment.

Problems with email communication, IT infrastructure malfunctions, complete system failure, data loss, data fraud, recovery expenses, penalties, damage to company image, etc. Is your Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) environment protected from cyber attacks, compliance violations and their consequences?

Developed by Specialists. Recommended by Analysts.

Whether you use Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) with Exchange Online, your own Exchange Server, or a hybrid email infrastructure, follow the advice of leading analysts. Take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and rely on a service provider specialized in security, information protection (including encryption) and compliance.

Customize Your Services with the Best of the Best.

Retarus Email Security Services have been providing companies the best security technology, protection mechanisms and compliance features in the market since 1994. Good news: Retarus service components synchronize perfectly with the Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) standards of your E1, E3 or E5 plans to fulfill your individual security and compliance requirements.

Retarus Email Security Services – Your Benefits

Maximum protection from cyber threats
Advanced Threat & Postdelivery Protection
Quadruple AntiVirus MultiScan
External Sender Visibility Enhancement
CxO fraud detection
Customized spam rules & mail routings
Email encryption (PGP and S/MIME)
Encryption with key management
SIEM integration
User-friendly administration portal
Self-service for users/employees
Best in class support
Data centers can be audited anytime
Compliant data processing
Advanced Microsoft 365 Security

Good to Know:

Monitor, check and document how Retarus Email Security is working for you in detail and in real time with the Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal. Want to get forensic data sent directly to your SIEM tool? No problem. Simply speak to our experts.

Microsoft 365 Security

Use Microsoft 365 and Maximize Your Protection from Digital Attacks with Retarus.

Best of breed technologies
Advanced Threat Protection
Postdelivery Protection
With Retarus Email Security, you can be sure that you have the world’s best possible protection against digital attacks. For example, AntiVirus MultiScan with four virus scanners, sandboxing, Time-of-Click Protection and CxO Fraud Detection in Advanced Threat Protection. Or with the patent-pending Patient Zero Detection® in Postdelivery Protection.
Microsoft 365 Compliance

Use Microsoft 365 and Fulfill Stringent Compliance Regulations with Retarus.

Email Encryption
Data Loss Prevention
Enterprise Email Archive
Whether you are faced with data privacy laws, industry-specific regulations or internal policies: Retarus ensures you are covered when it comes to information protection & compliance. For example, with Retarus Email Encryption including key management for the exchange of confidential information. Retarus Data Loss Prevention protects your data from theft or fraud and Retarus Enterprise Email Archive offers tamper-proof storage of your email communication.
Microsoft 365 Customizing

Use Microsoft 365 and Implement All Your Individual Requirements with Retarus.

Customer-based SLAs
User-based Email Routing
Transactional Email
Essential, Advanced Threat or Postdelivery Protection? Data processing in Germany, the USA or Asia? Email encryption with S/MIME or PGP? Retarus Email Security & Compliance Services can be customized to meet all of your security needs. And Retarus offers you many more options for optimizing your company’s email. Customize your email security reports, route your incoming emails directly to your defined email server (user-based email routing) or increase the delivery rate of your transaction and marketing emails.

Test Retarus Email Security for Microsoft 365

Experience Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) Security features in your live system. Test Retarus Email Security free of charge and with no obligation.