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Retarus Press Release

Global leader in fresh grocery logistics, IFCO, entrusts Retarus and Telekom with digitalizing its ordering processes

Retarus Cloud Messaging impresses with flexibility, seamless integration, and excellent support

Milano, 19/03/2024 // IFCO, the international market leader in reusable packaging containers for fresh grocery products, now uses Retarus Cloud Fax for its ordering and billing processes. Suppliers using IFCO will also have the opportunity to place their orders for reusable packaging containers via the Retarus service. In this way, IFCO is able to offer its sustainable food product logistics more efficiently while also fulfilling the requirements of its global customer base.

IFCO is the world’s leading provider of reusable packaging solutions for fresh food products, annually shipping nearly two billion grocery products such as fruit, vegetables, meat, and eggs. The customers and partners of the company based in Pullach include many organizations using fax for communication and placing orders. Alternatively, IFCO also supports orders received via email as well as the company’s own proprietary online ordering system. Prior to opting for Retarus’ cloud services, IFCO operated their own maintenance-intensive fax servers and machines. In the course of digitalizing their processes, the company sought to replace these servers and devices with a suitable cloud fax provider which was globally active and also provided support from Germany. When it comes to effortless integration and provision of cloud fax services from German data centers, Telekom has the perfectly fitting partner in Retarus.

Tailored solutions for efficient ordering processes

Implementation was carried out smoothly and rapidly thanks to Retarus’ flexible APIs. The requirement from IFCO’s specialist departments to keep their existing fax numbers was also fulfilled. In addition, the Japanese employees’ special request for a separate fax management solution was developed and implemented.
By outsourcing its fax operations to Telekom’s partner Retarus, IFCO can now offer customers a better service thanks to Retarus’ high availability. With its pay-per-use model, Retarus only charges for fax pages that are actually sent and received. What’s more, the administrators at IFCO have full control over the services they are using at all times by way of Retarus’ myEAS admin portal. Digitalization through Cloud Fax not only saves paper, but also facilitates significantly more efficient ordering processes for IFCO’s customers around the globe.

An important step towards digitalization

“The integration of Retarus’ Cloud Fax services went off smoothly and without difficulty. We are relieved to have finally replaced our analog servers and devices with the digital fax solution, allowing us to bid farewell to our paper-based processes,” explains Markus Moltenbrey, Director Architecture and Infrastructure at IFCO.

“We are glad that our Cloud Fax services are enabling considerably more efficient ordering processes at IFCO. The company’s decision to opt for Retarus Cloud Fax demonstrates their confidence in these kinds of services and in us for this business-critical scenario – something we can be proud of,” adds Martin Hager, founder and CEO at Retarus. “Due to the flexibility of our APIs and customization of the service to meet special requirements, we were able to provide IFCO with a tailor-made digital solution. Cloud-based fax processes not only contribute to optimizing costs, but also especially facilitate a more sustainable, paperless way of working. The highly successful use of cloud fax at IFCO is an additional step along the path towards digitalization and underlines the powerful performance of our global Cloud Fax service.“

About IFCO

As the world’s leading supplier of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs), only IFCO can support your business wherever you and your suppliers are – and wherever the future may take you. Our services cover every aspect of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) management, from delivering clean containers to producers, to collecting them from retailers, to cleaning and sanitizing them again, ready for redistribution. With a network of local offices and over 1755 employees worldwide, at IFCO we are there for your business. When and wherever you need us!

Informazioni su Retarus

Retarus è un provider globale di soluzioni cloud in grado di modernizzare e proteggere la comunicazione digitale e lo scambio di dati di aziende e autorità pubbliche. I prodotti principali comprendono il Cloud Fax digitale, SMS, Transactional Email, Email Security, Supply Chain Integration e Intelligent Document Processing. Retarus dispone di data center distribuiti in tutto il mondo, che forniscono queste soluzioni con i massimi livelli di performance, sicurezza e protezione dei dati. Retarus, con sede a Monaco di Baviera, è stata fondata nel 1992, è gestita dai proprietari ed è orgogliosa della sua forza innovativa. L'azienda impiega circa 500 persone in 20 filiali su cuattro continenti. Oltre la metà delle aziende quotate nell'S&P Global 100 si affidano a Retarus e, al pari dei principali analisti, confermano l'eccezionale qualità e affidabilità dei suoi servizi. Retarus offre i suoi prodotti in modo diretto e in stretta collaborazione con partner selezionati. Per ulteriori informazioni, visitare il sito:

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