Why Retarus?

Retarus’ vision is to create the perfect network for the global economy. Therein, Retarus manages the safe and efficient flow of information for enterprises around the world.


Transparent: Retarus’ managed services provide detailed insight into every transaction. At all times. That gives you 100% control.

Around 4,700 companies around the world rely on Retarus’ managed services.

OPEX not CAPEX: With Retarus’ cloud-based messaging services you only pay “per use”. Simply reduce your investment in hardware to zero.

In twelve countries across five continents, over 300 Retarus employees bear a single object in mind: to satisfy your communications needs.


Flexibility depends on scalability. So when your business grows, Retarus’ managed services grow with you.

Local Data Processing


SAP CertifiedSAP CertifiedCSA CertifiedPCI DSS Certified

In which of Retarus’ globally available data centers do you prefer us to process your data? Decide yourself. This ensures that your communication processes meet all local requirements and data privacy regulations.

Upon request, Retarus’ support team is available for you around the clock.

Retarus has been providing since 1992 what is now commonly known as cloud services – the successful interchange of business information. That means that our customers benefit from over twenty years of experience and know-how.

Retarus’ services are compatible with all common standard interfaces.
If required, you will also receive an extra-special feature – individual customization.


TeletrustRIPE NCCVerband elektronische RechnungbaymeDSAGDeutsch-Japanischer WirtschaftskreisITACharta der digitalen VernetzungEco – Association of the Internet EconomyTeilnehmer der Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit


Europe's 500kununuBayerns Best 50IT Security made in GermanyGerman Accelerator Tech

Retarus stops annually over half a billion undesired messages around the globe before they can cause any damage to the inboxes of our customers.

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