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Retarus Press Release:

Retarus bolsters its Email Security services
with innovative new functions

Microsoft 365 Sync, Whitelist and Targeted Members List for CxO Fraud Detection, Anti-Phishing AI


Madrid, 31/07/2019 // Munich based IT company retarus GmbH has continued to develop its cutting edge Email Security Services, making them even more effective – with a whole range of new functions and features. Retarus has been providing email security as a service since 1994 and has continually been evolving and developing its offering – with dedicated Advanced Threat Protection which includes the post-delivery protection mechanism “Patient Zero Detection” and Retarus’ botnet recognition, both of which are patented across Europe.

Email is a core means of communication for companies and the main gateway for the cyberattacks that threaten businesses. The consequences of such an attack could range from the destruction of the IT infrastructure to the loss of data, or even the total failure of the system and the resulting damage to the company’s image. In most cases enormous costs are incurred which could have been avoided. Businesses can safeguard themselves against the catastrophic fallout by protecting themselves with Retarus’ Cloud Email Security, which has also been included in the latest market overviews by leading analyst firms such as Gartner and Forrester as the only service from continental Europe

Martin Hager

Closer dovetailing with Microsoft 365

For companies working with Microsoft 365, Retarus Email Security now also has the ability to synchronize with the directory services in the Microsoft cloud. The Azure Active Directory Synchronisation replaces manual data maintenance, thus reducing both the error-rate and efforts.

For the CxO Fraud Detection, a component part of the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offered by Retarus Email Security, there is now a Whitelisting Service. Customers can use this option when sending internal information – management newsletters, announcements and alerts from the HR or IT departments, and so on – via external service providers. The Whitelisting service ensures that these “internal” emails are received reliably.

Another new feature is the Targeted Members List. Here the company can list employees whose email identities are particularly interesting for cybercriminals. As soon as a message arrives from such a “Targeted Member”, the CxO Fraud Detection service checks the display name for authenticity. Depending on the outcome, the message is placed either in the inbox or in quarantine.

To identify phishing emails, Retarus Email Security now refers to additional data which is obtained with the help of machine-learning. This means that the filter is now able to detect the URLs of fake websites in inbound emails even more reliably and that Retarus’ customers are now even better protected against phishing attacks. These safeguards are business critical, as Gartner warns that “by 2020, 60 percent of all companies will have fallen victim to phishing campaigns which have falsified their brand names and logos” (Fighting Phishing, Neil Wynne, Jonathan Care, 30 November 2017).

Innovative Email Security “Made in Germany”

“The fight against cyber criminals is a never-ending game of cat and mouse, in which we as specialists with more than 25 years of experience are constantly developing and advancing our cloud services for email security and adapting in response to changing circumstances”, says Martin Hager, founder and CEO of Retarus. “We’re constantly on the search for new ways to fulfill the ever-rising security requirements our customers have. I’m proud of the outstanding work our development team has performed and the high level of innovative power that Retarus has been able to maintain. Only recently, this was once again underlined when Forrester singled us out as the only German and owner-led company, to be included amongst the twelve most important providers in the field of Email Security around the world.”

Acerca de Retarus

Retarus es un proveedor global de soluciones Cloud que permiten modernizar y asegurar la comunicación digital y el intercambio de datos de empresas y autoridades. Sus principales productos son Cloud Fax, SMS, Transactional Email y Email Security. Opera centros de datos distribuidos por todo el mundo y proporciona estas soluciones, de desarrollo propio, con el máximo rendimiento, seguridad y protección de datos. Con una fuerte vocación innovadora, Retarus tiene su sede en Múnich y está gestionada por sus propietarios desde su fundación en 1992. Emplea a unas 500 personas en 20 sucursales repartidas por cuatro continentes. Cerca de la mitad de las empresas que cotizan en el S&P Global 100 ya confían en Retarus y, al igual que los principales analistas, confirman la extraordinaria calidad y fiabilidad de sus servicios. Retarus ofrece sus productos en venta directa y en estrecha colaboración con partners seleccionados. Más información:

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