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Retarus Cloud Services for Banking

Multichannel customer approaches, digitalization, online and mobile payments, IT consolidation, and regulation. Banks have to react to changing market conditions and new faces on the market in order to remain competitive.

The Communication Needs in Digital Business

Heterogeneous infrastructures, a wide range of different IT systems, complex and ever-increasing international network requirements, and changes in customer needs, are just a few of the many challenges that the banking and finance industry currently faces. In order to stay competitive, this sector needs to focus on key strategic areas, including social banking, online and mobile payment models and virtual currencies. All these developments and trends affect marketing communications, organization, sales, IT and HR, yet studies show that they have not been incorporated into their business strategies. The best example is multichannel sales, where 7 out of 10 banks currently have gaps in their communication strategy. Customers expect to receive a range of services from financial products to simple online communications available on their mobile devices. Private, cooperative and savings banks as well as special institutions – automobile and settlement banks – already use Retarus’ Enterprise Messaging Services to meet these needs and optimize their communication processes.

Swift and simple filtering and prioritization of information are the basis of any effective communication process.

Peter Zündorf, Head of IT systems at Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband (DSGV)

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Why Retarus

We are the global experts supporting banks when it comes to optimizing their digital communication processes. Highly developed interfaces, global availability and maximum reliability ensure successful communications-based processes. Retarus’ Cloud Services reduce both the complexity of IT infrastructures and cost. Flexible SLAs allow us to meet customer’s requirements in terms of quality, speed and data security, which in turn represents maximum transparency, control and flexible capacities that can be adjusted as required. More and more private, cooperative and savings banks, as well as special institutions such as automobile banks and settlement banks all over the world use Retarus’ Cloud Messaging Solutions, which of course hold PCI DSS certification, comply with local regulations (e.g. German BaFin regulations), and are in line with ISAE 3402.

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Each Customer Is a Recommendation

Private, cooperative, and savings banks, in addition to special institutions such as automobile and settlement banks use Retarus’ Enterprise Services for Banking & Finance to optimize their business and customer communication processes. Please review our references for examples of how businesses in the banking and finance industry have successfully mastered specific requirements thanks to Retarus’ cloud solutions.

Application Integration

Flexible, transparent and customized communications services that allow you to send and receive faxes, emails, and text messages directly via your business applications – reliably, securely and without needing an on-premises infrastructure. We are PCI DSS-certified for both data centers and services. Our services are the perfect solution for critical applications such as sending out mTANs and automated customer notifications.

Email Security & Compliance

Our end-to-end antivirus and antispam email communication solution provides gateway-based encryption, data processing through Retarus’ own PCI DSS-certified data centers that meet the most stringent data protection guidelines, as well as innovative email management and audit-compliant archiving. Our services allow you to increase staff’s efficiency thanks to industry leading process-optimization features.

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Desktop Communication

Enterprise Messaging Services for Desktops and Devices: Seamless integration into Microsoft Windows, Office and Exchange or HCL Notes Domino environments. Efficient services that ensure maximum usability and deliverability. No need to install fax servers or an SMS gateway. Compatible with your VoIP strategy.

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Broadcast & Content Delivery

Broadcast services designed to meet every need for efficient business communication and high-volume transmissions via email, fax and SMS. Our web-based solution is platform-independent and easy-to-use, allowing you to act promptly when it comes to sales, customer service, marketing, IR, PR, or staff and association communications.

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