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From experts for experts Industry-Specific Cloud Solutions

Every industry has its own special requirements. In Retarus, you will discover an experienced partner, which understands your business. And with Retarus’ Cloud solutions you can manage the flow of information efficiently and securely throughout your processes. At the same time, you can be sure of complying with legal requirements and industry standards.

Cloud Services para el sector de los seguros

Retarus Cloud Services permite a las aseguradoras pertrecharse para el futuro digital y acceder a áreas de negocio adicionales.
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Servicios en la nube para la industria de la atención sanitaria

Organizaciones de atención sanitaria de todo el mundo utilizan la solución Enterprise Messaging Services de Retarus para optimizar su comunicación digital.
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Cloud Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers and suppliers all over the world use Retarus’ Enterprise Messaging Services to optimize their digital communications.
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Cloud Services for the IT and Telecommunications Industry

Managed services allow ICT service providers to expand the range of services offered in their portfolio, consolidate and improve existing services and avoid step-fixed costs.
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Cloud Services for the Internet Economy

Reliable, speedy and timely transmission of orders and messages is of particular importance for the business models of internet economy companies.
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Cloud Services for the Retail and Wholesale Industry

The data privacy compliant implementation of loyalty and bonus programs as well as the interconnection of geographically dispersed subsidiaries or a successful returns management require a modern communications infrastructure that reliably covers virtually all business processes.
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Cloud Services for the Logistics Industry

Retarus’ cloud services ensure reliable, just-in-time communications and smooth processes, such as turnover of goods, customs clearance or purchase order management around the globe.
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Cloud Services for the Banking Industry

Multichannel customer approaches, digitalization, online and mobile payments, IT consolidation, and regulation. Banks have to react to changing market conditions and new faces on the market in order to remain competitive.
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Cloud Services for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a trendsetter when it comes to globalization, procurement, production and sales. An extensive international network, structural mobility, a growing number of global partnerships, and increasing competition, are just some of the many reasons for implementing flexible, scalable and custom-based communication processes.
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