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High volume fax and transactional email service Aigle Optimizes Its Ordering Processes

Sport and outdoor clothing specialist Aigle is consolidating its IT infrastructure by means of an intelligent output management service provided by Retarus and Symtrax. The smooth and speedy transmission of high volumes of fax documents accelerates workflows and reduces costs.

Initial Situation

Low Efficiency, Little Flexibility

Aigle sends thousands of business documents every month, for instance packing lists, package labels, and purchase orders by email and fax directly from its iSeries-based ERP system. In former times the iSeries spool files were converted into PDF documents without formatting and then sent via a fax server or by email. This process, however, did not work well. Especially fax documents were not always delivered dependably to shops and departments stores. Orders to key suppliers were sometimes not processed correctly, meaning that production processes came to a standstill downstream. Moreover, there was no way to add any graphics, barcodes or logos.


Flexible Output Management Solution with No Capacity Constraints

Aigle urgently required an easy-to-handle output management system with standard printing functionality, which was able to send high volumes of fax documents and transactional email messages automatically from the ERP system. Furthermore, information from several spool files had to be compiled in a single document. Another requirement was to generate various documents from a single spool file, in order to provide a document to each dealer. The service also needed to have the ability to automatically recognize which means of communication should be used for the transmission without changing the template layout in the process.

”Retarus and Symtrax provided us with a turnkey solution, so that we could immediately test it under real production conditions. Within two days the service was ready to use productively.”

Jean-Michel Brégeat, Head of Sales Aigle

Primary Challenges

Managed Fax Service Plus Output Management

The business partnership between Retarus and Symtrax has ensured that Aigle now has the perfect solution. The combination of Retarus’ managed fax services and Symtrax’s output management solution Compleo Suite fulfills all requirements and can easily be implemented within the existing IT infrastructure without any disruptions. The application is able to reliably add barcodes, labels and logos into fax documents and send them via Retarus’ fax infrastructure by means of automated transmission. The respective files are automatically sent by email to Retarus’ data centers.


Scalable at All Times, with No Capacity Bottlenecks

Thanks to the Retarus fax interface integrated neatly into Compleo, Aigle has expanded its ERP system by adding a powerful, freely scalable fax infrastructure. It offers transmission capacities of over 5,000 fax pages per minute and the highest levels of availability, while also ensuring flawless delivery.

Key Benefits

  • High-performance output management solution for faster ordering processes
  • Freely scalable fax infrastructure with no capacity bottlenecks
  • Lower costs and maximum transparency thanks to highly detailed reports
  • Seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure

Ready to Run without Delay

The service offered by Retarus and Symtrax is ready to run immediately and can be administrated centrally. The detailed reporting, meaningful analysis tools and, importantly, transparent billing provide Aigle with tangible added value for the entire business-critical fax communication.


Plans to Optimize More Processes

Due to a smooth integration of the high volume fax communication and the excellent experience which Aigle enjoyed with regard to the managed service, the company is currently considering the optimization of other business processes. For instance, the integration of the SMS medium is now being contemplated.

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