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Retarus WebExpress

Send your personalized content reliably, even to large distribution lists. By email, fax or SMS—it’s easy with a standardized and intuitive platform. Communicate directly from your web browser.

Keep Everyone Well Informed, Internally or Externally

Contact as many recipients as possible, reliably and as quickly as possible, in a personalized way with minimum effort. This is not only the goal for customer communications, but also when sending internal communications, sending notifications to specific target groups or in exceptional situations such as times of crisis. That’s why WebExpress, the one to many service from Retarus, is tailored to meet all of your requirements, and always ensures reliable, traceable delivery. On request, the Retarus Broadcast Team can also manage all aspects of your communications. From template creation to transmission.

With Retarus WebExpress, your information arrives safely— reaching customers, prospects and members, employees, partners and suppliers, as well as analysts, investors and the media.

Made in Europe

IT Security Made in Europe

Reach all your contacts easily. Retarus WebExpress can handle distribution lists with over a million recipients.


Thanks to dynamic distribution lists generated directly in Retarus WebExpress, your system administrators will be happy to see their workloads reduced by up to 80 percent.

Restricting access to IP addresses within your company network prevents external attacks.

How Do You Say It Best?

Want to announce a press conference on short notice? Communicate investor relations information on time? Keep your employees up-do-date during a change process? Or inform branch office managers quickly and securely about product recalls? You can do all this in the blink of an eye with Retarus WebExpress. All this is possible by email, fax or SMS. And, if you need a little help once in a while, for example, during peak times, or when a colleague is ill or on vacation, that’s not a problem! Our Broadcast Team stands ready to manage your communications. Selectively or across the board—we’re here to meet your needs. Consulting, reporting, distribution list maintenance included. What are the specific challenges your project faces?

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Your Benefits



You can count on reliable, on-time delivery. No matter how big your distribution list may be.


The processing and transmission of your communications comply with the strictest data protection regulations and with the stipulations of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.


Track the success of your communications. Informative reports and analysis functions give you a quick, comprehensive overview.


Thanks to detailed reports, you can remove incorrect data from your distribution list following each transmission. This allows you to optimize your success rate.


You decide how you want to handle the sending of your communications. Retarus offers flexibility, from partial to full service.


With WebExpress, you reach your target group. You also get professional support if you need it. Any time you may need it. Support that is always tailored to your needs.

How Good Is Good Enough for You?

Find out now! See what Retarus WebExpress can do for you and your personalized communications. Below is a checklist of the main points:

  • Email, fax and SMS campaigns from one distribution list
  • Newsletters and email mailings can be sent within two minutes
  • Transmission scheduling is accurate to the minute for all media
  • Direct success monitoring based on detailed reports
  • Time savings thanks to central management of distribution lists and templates
  • Newsletters and email mailings in your corporate design
  • Legally compliant subscription management (double opt-in)

Typical Applications

  • Newsletters, mailings and product information
  • Daily rates, last-minute offers, information about training and events
  • Press information, ad-hoc publicity and investor relations
  • Customer surveys, data updates and market research
  • Sales management and employee information
  • Urgent safety information and crisis information

“With Retarus WebExpress our marketing department is able to take action much faster than before. Fax campaigns can now even be sent at short notice without difficulty.“

Karl-Heinz Aupperle, Marketing Head, winkler Group

Any Questions? Getting Answers Is Easy.

Request more information now or try Retarus WebExpress for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.