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Cloudification with Retarus Welcome to the Future

IT infrastructures that are reaching their limits, that slow down rather than accelerate a company’s progress, that continuously cost money but don’t really pay off… does this sound familiar to you? Discover the benefits of Retarus Enterprise Cloud for your office, marketing, and supply chain communications now.

You Communicate—We Take Care of the Technical Details

Whether it’s business correspondence in the digital workplace or process communication along the supply chain—with Retarus, you always have the best email, fax, SMS, and EDI technology available on your side without having to deal yourself with the infrastructure behind it. As a result, processes become more efficient and companies become more agile—typical for the cloud. And—typical for Retarus—electronic communication is made highly available, secure, transparent, and compliant at all times.

All the Standards with Lots of Extras

We are cloud experts and support all common standards. Unlike other providers, we provide 100% GDPR-compliant cloud services and also implement individual customer requirements. So, if you are looking for an IT service provider that can offer more than just the standard—including regulatory and industry-specific compliance, integration support, 24/7 support in local languages, as well as individual SLAs and customer audits—Retarus is the right choice for you.

Made in Europe

IT Security Made in Europe

Cloud Communication with Retarus in Real-Life Applications:

Want to simplify your IT infrastructure or expand the possibilities of Microsoft 365? Accompany customers on their customer journey or automate manual processes along the supply chain? Retarus makes it all possible. See for yourself.