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Email ComplianceHassle-Free Compliance with Statutory and Regulatory Requirements. With 100% GDPR-Compliant Services from the Cloud.

Adhering to compliance requirements is only possible with an email infrastructure that is optimally secured. After all, email is the central channel for communicating with customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. As a full-service provider for business email, Retarus offers all relevant compliance services from a single source. From tamper-proof archiving and encryption to protection from data theft. Provisioned by 100% GDPR-compliant, Retarus-owned European data centers which adhere to the strictest data protection regulations. Can be combined seamlessly with the security and infrastructure services offered by the Retarus Secure Email Platform.

The Challenge

Email Compliance with Less Complexity and Greater Acceptance.

The strict implementation of national and international compliance requirements is essential, particularly in heavily regulated industries such as finance and healthcare. Additionally, compliance with special standards, internal guidelines, and regulatory or statutory requirements is vital across many other sectors. Business communication, especially e-mail communication, plays a key role in terms of data protection and process security. But here in particular, compliance with rules and regulations is often technically complex to implement and time-consuming for users in their day-to-day business. A circumstance that presents many companies with major challenges. As a result, the consequences are high costs to implement compliance requirements, low implementation and compliance acceptance, and an incalculable risk in the event of non-compliance. With the cloud-based Retarus Secure Email Platform compliance services, you can solve all of these problems and challenges in a flash.

“Thanks to wide-ranging experience in the financial and insurance sectors, Retarus is the ideal partner for quickly implementing complex requirements set forth by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).”

Alexander Rose, Head of IT, LV 1871

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The Solution

Compliance Services Offered by the Retarus Secure Email Platform:
Protect Your Information and Ensure Compliance.

Retarus Secure Email Platform compliance services help you consistently comply with legal or regulatory requirements, industry standards, or internal policies. Easy to implement and simple to use, they are compatible with all common email services, whether on-premises or from the cloud.

Easily Meet Compliance Requirements.

With Retarus Email Archive you can archive your email correspondence tamper-proof and in real-time. Highly-secure Retarus data centers ensure that communication remains unalterable and protected thanks to the four-eyes-principal preventing unauthorized access. And emails can be retrieved in seconds, even with high archive volumes. This enables you to reliably ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations and international data protection guidelines, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Retarus Email Encryption ensures your business communication always remains confidential. Whether encryption-based using customary standards or password-based via secure webmailer. The sophisticated encryption system protects not only your valuable company expertise, but your personal data as well. Ease of use and automated encryption management included.

Retarus Data Loss Prevention ensures that confidential information, such as customer, production, or design data does not end up somewhere outside of your company’s network. Externally addressed emails are checked systematically using pre-defined criteria and withheld in case of doubt. Furthermore, specific rules regarding permitted recipients can be defined at the mailbox level.


The Advantages of Retarus Email Compliance Services at a Glance


Data Protection

At Retarus, data protection is well thought through. Not only do our services meet the strictest country and industry-specific requirements but, being headquartered in Germany, Retarus is also fully GDPR compliant. Full encryption (in-transit and at-rest) is standard priority for us.


Easy to Use

The acceptance of encryption rises and falls with how user-friendly the process is. We make sure that your employees don’t have to worry about anything. Creating, distributing, and managing all keys – Retarus takes care of everything. And if one of your communication partners does not have an encryption solution in place? Our secure webmailer enables you to easily send encrypted and password-protected messages and documents via web browser.


Audited and Auditable

We regularly have our processes and services independently audited by KPMG. In addition, we hold numerous other certifications. Furthermore, our customers can request an individual audit of the Retarus Security Framework any time if they have special requirements. Your auditors are given personal access to our data centers and insight into all relevant processes.



With our services, you only pay for what you actually use. This, of course, also applies to our compliance services. Thanks to the cost-efficient pay-as-you-use model, you only pay for archiving or encryption as needed, such as for individual departments or sites.


Seamlessly Integrated

Our compliance services work seamlessly with your existing email infrastructure, regardless of whether it’s a local mail server or Microsoft 365. The services are also perfectly integrated in the Retarus Secure Email Platform. Aligned solutions work hand-in-hand, from email security to encryption and archiving. Flexible use thanks to a modular offering.



In the age of the home office and mobile working, email communication must function independently of device and location at all times. Yet compliance may not be overlooked in the process. Retarus services work as a cloud email gateway for all employees at all locations, regardless of which end device or email service they use.


Secure Access

Granular allocation and a comprehensive access and change log provide additional security. This means that emails from our compliance archive can be viewed only by authorized persons in accordance with the four-eyes principle. It’s user friendly too: convenient and secure user access via single sign-on and a lightning-fast search function make daily work easier for your employees.


Local Processing

Local data processing in a secure environment at Retarus data centers that are operated by our own employees. Take our word for it, we also guarantee this contractually. Furthermore, we do not use any US hyperscalers for our services, not even in the background.

IT Security Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Teilnehmer der Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit
ISAE 3402 Vertified Type II
CSA Certified Senders Alliance
CSA Certified Senders Alliance
KPMG certificate
Everything from a Single Source

Perfect Solutions for a Holistic Approach to the Most Important Communication Channel in Business.

Rely on Retarus Secure Email Platform and benefit from numerous additional modular services for Email Security or Email Infrastructure. All of this, as you have come to expect from us, with best-in-class solutions at the enterprise level. Our first-class email security helps you to best protect your business from cyber-attacks and advanced threats, market-leading sandboxing technologies included. Retarus Transactional Email also provides optimal security for reliable and data protection compliant email transmission from applications.

Retarus Secure Email Platform

Essential Protection
Advanced Threat Protection
Post Delivery Protection
Forensics (for SIEM, NOC, SOC)
Email Archive
Email Encryption
Data Loss Prevention
Transactional Email
Trace & Recover
Bounce & Response Manager
Email Continuity
Predelivery Logic

Email Compliance Made Easy.

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