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IT Security with Retarus Security as a Service

The more digital, networked, and complex the company and its IT landscape, the larger the attack surface for cybercriminals. And the more far-reaching the consequences of cyber attacks. Is your company adequately protected against potential threats and risks?

Secure Your Communications, Secure Your Business

Email is the number one communication channel for companies. And the number one gateway for cybercriminals. The effects of successful malware and phishing attacks range from IT infrastructure disruptions and data loss to business outages that last several days. They cost companies around the world billions annually, and often their reputation too.

But here’s the good news: Retarus’ intelligent Email Security Services reliably protect companies against all cyber threats. Today and in the future. Always with the best possible defense mechanisms available.

All Premium. All Modular.

Do you require Essential or Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)? Want to add Postdelivery Protection and sandboxing? Are you interested in forensic data for your SIEM tool? Need email archiving, encryption, or Data Loss Prevention? Are you looking for failover protection for your email infrastructure? At Retarus, premium email security can be booked on a modular and flexible basis. Also perfect to enhance Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace standard services.

Secure. In Every Sense.

Security is in Retarus’ DNA. That’s quite evident in our email security cloud services. But security is also a key element in our business and process communication cloud services. For example, in the form of GDPR-compliant data processing, service provisioning according to international security/industry standards, and guaranteed availability.

Want to customize the security level and availability of our services to your specific needs? Talk to us! We’re happy to define your requirements in customer-specific SLAs.

Made in Europe

IT Security Made in Europe

Teilnehmer der Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit
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IT Security with Retarus in Real-Life Applications:

Want to expand Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 security standards? Secure your on-premises, hybrid, or cloud email infrastructures? Exchange sensitive data and confidential business information securely? Archive emails in compliance with legal requirements? Retarus makes it all possible. See for yourself.