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Electronic Procurement E-Procurement: Reduce Costs by Automating the Procurement Processes

Manual procurement processes involve a lot of work and are prone to errors. End-to-end digitization and automation ensures that supply chains are optimized, staff is relieved of routine tasks, and valuable resources are freed up for important and time-consuming processes, e.g., for the individualized and personal cultivation of supplier relationships.

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The Right Solution for Every Supplier

The Retarus Business Integration Platform helps you exchange orders, confirmations, delivery notes, and invoices with all of your suppliers through an automated and digital process, regardless of their technical platform.

Efficient Solutions for Procurement

Retarus provides services that optimize your supply chain management so that you can digitize and automate order processes for all of your suppliers. For your most important suppliers, we offer connection to our Managed EDI Service. Our experienced EDI team provides professional consultancy so that integration runs without a hitch. Your suppliers will be able to autonomously prepare for technical integration and test their setup so that establishing the connection is fast and cost-effective.

Up to 75% More Order Confirmations from B and C Suppliers

C suppliers often present special challenges. Lack of technology, low order volume, or missing solutions for this type of suppliers are typical scenarios. This often means that you never receive an order confirmation, or if you do, a basic “We hereby confirm” email shows up in your inbox. Messages like these inevitably lead to manual work for your procurement department.

With Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers, you not only significantly increase the number of order confirmations, but also receive them as EDI documents in your ERP system. Your supplier can confirm, decline, or process the order you placed directly in the order email, without having to first log into a web portal. No other solution allows you to generate order confirmations this easily. Retarus processes the confirmation in a message customized to your ERP system. Suppliers do not need to go through an implementation process, which means you can connect them to your system at no additional charge.

Retarus Added-Value Services for Procurement

Retarus Services offer automated order processes. Furthermore, they provide features that support your daily procurement work. For example, optional reports show which order confirmations are past due. Automated reminders help reduce manual work. Automated document validation helps to ensure that incoming documents, such as invoices, are complete and correct, and then transfers them to special processing if errors are found.

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Your Advantage with Retarus


End-to-end services from a single provider

Process-optimized connection of all suppliers via EDI, WebConnect for Suppliers and Intelligent Capture to easily and quickly connect the greatest possible number of suppliers digitally.

Minimize IT workloads with Managed Services

With Retarus, tasks aren’t delegated to your IT department. They are completely outsourced. Our goal is to support you and your IT department by offering an optimized digitization strategy for your company.

Customized integration for every ERP system

Whether you use SAP or an ERP system from a different provider, on premises or in the cloud–with Retarus, integration runs smoothly with minimal impact on your ERP system.

Includes solution for unstructured documents such as PDFs

With Retarus Intelligent Capture Services, incoming PDF documents (such as order confirmations received by email) are converted into structured EDI data and transferred to your ERP system. It doesn’t matter if your system is on premises or in the cloud. You don’t have to spend time worrying about configuration, integration, and operation.

Retarus Business Integration Platform Services at a Glance

Managed EDI Services

For your A suppliers

  • Fully automated solution for all supplier processes
  • All industry standards, no IT/administrative tasks
  • Value-added services such as data validation and reporting increase efficiency
  • The perfect solution for A suppliers

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Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers

For your B and C suppliers

  • Automated migration of order confirmations into your ERP system
  • Order confirmation is triggered directly in the order email
  • No data management needed for suppliers
  • The perfect solution for B and C suppliers

Learn more about Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers

Intelligent Capture Services

For suppliers without EDI

  • Digitization of unstructured documents
  • Rule-based workflows for flexible system integration
  • Customized EDI data format for all applications
  • The perfect solution for suppliers without digital processes

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Completely Satisfied Customers

Companies worldwide have been relying on Retarus as an EDI service provider.

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