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Cloud Fax Service Maximum Fax Performance for BayWa AG

BayWa AG is consolidating its fax infrastructure, improving its high volume fax communication, and reducing the cost of communication by deploying Retarus Faxolution for Exchange, the cloud fax service for Microsoft Exchange environments recommended by leading market research institutes, across the whole company.

Initial Situation

Cost and Maintenance Intensive Fax Server Solutions

BayWa AG is among the companies who send out the largest fax volumes in Europe. On a daily basis the European agricultural dealer sends huge numbers of business documents by fax to customers and suppliers. In addition to the direct transmission out of SAP systems, documents sent from Microsoft Exchange-based applications play a central role. Running its own fax server infrastructure proved to be too cost and maintenance intensive, and also required a high level of administrative effort.


Professional Desktop Fax Service for Microsoft Exchange

As a wholly owned subsidiary of BayWa AG responsible for the entire enterprise IT, RI-Solution GmbH was searching for a high-performance desktop fax solution, which allowed business documents to be sent directly from Microsoft Outlook. The solution was required to suit the relevant communication processes and employee behavior on the one hand, and be flexibly scalable to adapt to increasing requirements on the other – while always providing a transparent cost structure.

“Retarus offers an exemplary level of service transparency. The shift to Faxolution for Exchange provides us with additional security and control over our fax communication.”

Hanns-Gunter Weber, Head of Infrastructure, RI-Solution GmbH, a company of the BayWa AG and RWA AG Group

Primary Challenges

Cloud Fax: Easy Implementation and Excellent Usability

Retarus’ cloud fax service for Microsoft Exchange was seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure, and ready to be used throughout the company directly after the implementation. As the Exchange-specific interfaces are supported, all that was required on RI-Solution’s end was a small change in the configuration. The user interface, operation and addressing remained identical to the way it was already being handled in Microsoft Outlook. Thanks to the perfect integration into Outlook, BayWa’s sales staff can now conveniently send their business correspondence to suppliers, customers and subsidiaries from their familiar work environment directly via Retarus’ fax cloud.

Retarus Product


Replacing the Fax Server Infrastructure

Thanks to Retarus Faxolution for Exchange BayWa AG has been able to reduce their fax infrastructure to a minimum while simultaneously lowering communication costs significantly, without foregoing highly professional fax functionality. As a result, costly investment in special fax hardware and software, maintenance, licenses and fax lines are now a thing of the past.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration into existing Microsoft Exchange environments
  • Fax transmission from Microsoft Outlook including address book Integration
  • Unlimited transmission capacities, highest levels of availability
  • Maximum cost and process transparency
  • Ready to run, with option to administrate centrally

Reliable, Scalable and Calculable

By employing Faxolution for Exchange, BayWa AG now has the full capacity and performance of Retarus’ fax cloud at its disposal, which facilitates highly efficient business communication with maximum availability and fail-safety. By using Faxolution for Exchange, BayWa AG has access to a fax infrastructure which is scalable according to its needs – one which is not only powerful enough to handle current transmission volumes, but can also be adapted flexibly to meet future growth in volumes.


Focusing on Migration to the Retarus Integration and Automation Platform

Following the successful roll-out of Faxolution for Exchange and other fax services such as Faxolution for SAP, BayWa AG has been focusing on other IT topics, such as electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic invoicing. As a one-stop shop for messaging services, Retarus also offers transactional and legally compliant services for seamless B2B/EDI integration and optimized billing processes.

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