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Flexible Customer Communication: Winkler Opts for Retarus

The winkler Group is one of the leading wholesalers for commercial vehicle spare parts in Europe. To be able to respond flexibly at all times in communication with customers, the company has opted to use the messaging platform Retarus WebExpress to send out its fax campaigns.

Initial Situation

Flexible Sector Calls for Flexible Marketing

More than 1,400 employees at over 35 sites ensure winkler provides individual support for commercial vehicle owners, garages and workshops as well as bus and agricultural companies. From two of Europe’s largest central warehouses for commercial vehicle spare parts, the goods are shipped directly to customers via a sophisticated logistics and delivery system. To stay in communication with an extremely mobile and fast-paced industry, winkler also needs reliable and powerful marketing tools. The main goal of the winkler marketing department is to reach an extensive international network of customers and partners quickly and flexibly. That’s why choosing the right communication channel is crucial for the company. Not all employees in this sector have constant access to a PC at their workplace. In workshops or garages, it is generally a fax that succeeds best in attracting attention.


Simplified Processes Thanks to Web-Based Platform

Just as with its roadside assistance, the company’s marketing activities often have to be quick to get moving. Above all, winkler’s aim was to simplify the workflows in fax campaigns by introducing a new browser-based messaging platform: “At the start, we were looking for greater independence for the department” – This is how Karl-Heinz Aupperle, Marketing Head of the winkler Group sums up the reason for the change. “Our IT department was to be bypassed as an intermediate point. Up until now, PDF documents and distribution lists had to be sent to the IT colleagues each time before mailing by Marketing.” With the help of a Web-based tool, the marketing department should now be able to carry out corresponding campaigns independently and also at short notice, as and when required.

„With Retarus WebExpress our marketing department is able to take action much faster than before. Fax campaigns can now even be sent at short notice without difficulty.“

Karl-Heinz Aupperle, Marketing Head, winkler Group

Primary Challenges

Personalized Campaign for Greater Attention

The messaging platform Retarus WebExpress is used for diverse areas of B2B marketing at winkler: In addition to the conventional advertising and promotion of products, training and service offerings are also communicated using the portal. To gain maximum response, winkler has decided to address recipients personally. The option of devising campaigns with individual forms of address was an important criterion in selecting the new platform and provider.

Comprehensive Reporting Improves Distribution List Quality
To optimize campaigns on a continuous basis, meaningful reports are very important for winkler. With Retarus WebExpress the marketing department is now able to analyze undeliverable messages in a targeted manner, improving the quality of data in the distribution lists sustainably. Marketing also gains greater transparency with regard to deliverability thanks to detailed transmission reports.

Retarus Product


Easy Distribution List Management Meets Optimum Data Protection

Users now have the option of managing required distribution lists within Retarus WebExpress themselves. This enables independent working at any time. Sensitive customer data can also be protected optimally. Depending on the setting for access rights, personal contact information is only available to those employees who actually need it as part of their work. At the same time, an automatic expiry date for old distribution lists ensures the principle of data avoidance in line with applicable data protection law.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive operation
  • Access via web browser
  • Personalized messages
  • Central distribution list management
  • Detailed reports

Positive Staff Feedback

After a short familiarization phase, the marketing staff at winkler Group can now use the tool independently. “WebExpress was explained to our team with the help of video training. The Retarus Support answered all questions that arose when using the tool reliably and competently”, stresses Marketing Head Aupperle. The feedback from users was also correspondingly positive: they were able to respond much faster to the sector’s requirements thanks to the easy and intuitive usability.

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