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How Much Could You Save?

Our comparison calculator shows what you’ll save by automating your order processes. Every order is followed by an order confirmation. If this has to be processed manually, it costs time and money. You can use our calculator to identify how much you could save if suppliers send order confirmations directly to your ERP, even if they do not use EDI.

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5 h
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The savings figures are non-binding forecasts based on your information.
Hello (Vorname) (Nachname), We’d be delighted to help you digitize your order processes. WebConnect for Suppliers makes your purchasing processes more efficient, replacing manual order confirmation entry with digital processes. You’ll be making it far easier for suppliers to work with you, regardless of their technical capability. We’re happy to provide you with a detailed calculation of your potential savings. Based on your inputs and applying basic assumptions about set-up, we have identified the following:
Number of suppliers
No restrictions
Implementation effort on your side ⁶
10 man-days
Typical daily rate for implementations on your side ⁷
36 months
Absolute savings
Installing WebConnect for Suppliers will be cost-effective for you if (var)% of your manually processed order confirmations are automated per month.
¹ Number of order confirmations you process manually per month I ² Total time required for processing incoming order confirmations, including distribution, revision, capture, and archiving I ³ Cost per employee on full-cost basis I ⁴ This is the number of working hours per month you’ll save compared to manual entry, based on your stated order levels I ⁵ This is the sum you’ll save per month if you make full use of automated order processes I ⁶ ERP (EDI, setting up communication connection with Retarus, informing suppliers, changing routing for WebConnect) I ⁷ Daily rate of your IT operations for service implementation The savings figures are non-binding forecasts based on your information.
Would you like to have an interactive demo of WebConnect for Suppliers? Run your order workflow here: Would you like to set up a meeting with one of our advisors? We look forward to hearing from you via email at or phone at +49 89 5528 1111.
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The problem

Manual Order Processes Cost Time and Money

Are you still processing your orders by hand? Each order process is costing you time—you need to enter the order confirmation and keep an overview of the order status. There’s an easier and faster way!

The solution

Automating Orders

Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers automatically inserts interactive elements in your order emails. Your suppliers can process the order and send order confirmations with just a click. The barcodes for the purchase order items can even be scanned directly from the screen. It really couldn’t be easier!

The benefits

Faster Workflows Thanks to Clearly Structured Order Processes

Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers creates a classic win-win situation: You save time and keep an overview while your suppliers respond simply, easily, and directly from within the order email. And it pays off: the purchasing department’s workload is reduced, money is saved, and processing errors are avoided.

Use Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers, the perfect solution for rapid order processes!