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Five trends for better business communication in 2017

“What matters is that the information arrives.”

Singapore, 26/1/2017 // A secure and efficient flow of information between companies, partners and customers contributes significantly to success in business. Global information logistics expert Retarus has identified five business communication trends, which companies will need to keep an eye on in 2017:

1. Ever more aggressive malware via email

According to the AV-TEST Institute more than 390,000 instances of new malware are now registered each day on average. This works out to about 270 new computer viruses per minute. This trend matches data collected by Retarus’ security experts, who discovered 3.5 times more viruses in one month in 2016 than in the entire 2015 calendar year. The problem remains that pure virus-protection solutions are unable to offer one hundred percent safety. That’s why new security mechanisms are now urgently required. One example is innovative detection solutions which are able to identify previously unrecognized malware, even after it has already found its way into a company’s infrastructure. The administrators are informed immediately about the users concerned, enabling them to react before the malware has caused any harm. If the infected file has already been executed, detection functions simplify the IT forensics and also provide details which can be used to reveal weak points and to optimize system settings.

2. Delivery in focus

With the rising number of partners tied in to electronic business processes, enterprise communication is growing ever more complex. For long-term success in business, the smooth interchange of information along the entire length of the supply chain and the reliable delivery of relevant information are just as important as the goal-driven contents which are provided. No matter whether it’s an order, product recall or mTAN, it’s crucial that business-critical data is available at the exact time and place it’s needed – around the globe. Messages which cannot be relied on, or are not delivered in a timely manner, quickly lead to high follow-on costs. Information logistics experts facilitate the trouble-free flow of information by providing the full range of communication channels worldwide by means of a global delivery network.

3. Consistent digitization

The success of a business will continue to become more dependent on the quality of exchanged information and how up to date it is. Existing manual processes are often prone to error and tend to be time intensive. To optimize operating processes, communication processes have to be bundled, consolidated and digitized at a reasonable cost. The data should also be transmitted directly to the devices or applications which need the information and have the ability to process it further. Cloud communication platforms and the services connected to them ensure an efficient interchange of information, no matter whether it’s from person to person (P2P), from application to person (A2P) or automated as machine to machine (M2M) communication.

4. Customer experience is crucial

According to analysts at IDC the market for customer communications management is set to grow at an average of 8 percent over the next 5 years. Tailor-made communication processes will play a key role. Only dependable, secure and customized business communication facilitates close customer relations and customer retention, helping companies to gain a significant competitive advantage on markets which are saturated and highly competitive. Thanks to reliable provision of services, automated process communications and integration, as well as transparent reports, enterprises can now use innovative communication services to carry out transactions more efficiently and ensure faster interaction with customers. These services can ideally be integrated seamlessly into business applications by means of standardized APIs and adapted quickly and flexibly to meet new requirements at any time. They moreover fulfill the most stringent requirements for security and compliance.

5. Steeper communication requirements for IoT

No matter whether you’re thinking of household appliances, cars or industrial robots – an ever growing number of devices and appliances are now networked with each other in the Internet of Things (IoT). A substantial part of the product’s usefulness will in the future lie in the intelligent combination or software, sensors and communication. In order to ensure a secure and integrated flow of information throughout all parts of the process chain, various application and communication protocols have to be interlocked with each other. Special cloud solutions for information logistics facilitate the efficient and secure interchange of data between all connected platforms. Business-relevant information is also always delivered at the right time in the format that is most suitable for the recipient. On request, the data can also automatically be converted into other communication standards.

About Retarus

Retarus is a global provider of cloud solutions, modernizing and securing the digital communications and data exchange of organizations and public authorities. Key products are digital Cloud Fax, SMS, Transactional Email, Email Security, Supply Chain Integration, and Intelligent Document Processing. Retarus operates globally distributed data centers, providing these solutions with top performance, security, and data protection. Headquartered in Munich and founded in 1992, Retarus is privately owned and proud of its innovative strength. The company employs around 500 people in 20 locations on four continents. Nearly half of the companies listed in the S&P Global 100 already place their trust in Retarus and, along with leading analysts, confirm the outstanding quality and reliability of its services. Retarus generates around 40 percent of its revenue in the US and offers its products both directly and in close cooperation with selected partners. More information:


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