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Every business process is based on its own special information logistics. The better it works, the better your business runs.

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Retarus’ Cloud Services have been developed to ensure a secure and dependable flow of information in your processes. Or to optimize it. Here is an overview of all our services.


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Communicate on all channels

Email, Fax, SMS, EDI – Use Retarus Cloud Services to create the perfect flow of information for your business processes across multiple media. Both media-specific and multichannel.


Maximize the security and efficiency of your email communication. From protection against digital attacks to the integration of your applications, right through to a … ›

Email security

Attacks are becoming more precise and intelligent. They long surpass the capabilities of conventional defense mechanisms, posing a continuous risk to companies. That … ›


Communicate via SMS from all systems and into all networks. With Retarus Cloud SMS Services you send and receive messages directly via your desktop or business appli … ›


Whether via your business application or desktop - maximize the efficiency of your fax communication. Send and receive faxes - without your own fax server. … ›


Achieve smooth interchange of data with your business partners and benefit from seamless B2B/EDI integration. For all formats, sectors and systems. … ›

Enterprise Messaging

Perfect flow of information with your customers and suppliers

Whether ERP or CRM, mobile or web application, Microsoft or Oracle, Office 365 or GSuite, on-premises or in the cloud. With Retarus, you can integrate email, fax and SMS in almost any application.


From digitized receipt to automated processing

We receive your incoming documents and digitize them for you. At the right place, in the right format. Ready to go for the next steps.

Security & Compliance

Protect your company and meet international compliance guidelines

Increase the protection of your entire email infrastructure and comply with regulations for encryption and archiving.

Perfect integration

Office applications, SAP systems, SAP Hana or custom-built software – Retarus’ Cloud Services integrate seamlessly into each and every business software. Ensure the perfect flow of information with Retarus’ Cloud Services – via your business application, your ERP/CRM system or your web application. Which business software are you using?

Services by Industry

Every sector has its own special requirements. In Retarus, you will discover an experienced partner, which understands your business. Just a few examples:


The insurance sector finds itself in a period of fundamental transition. Low interest rates for life insurance policies, fierce new competition from direct insurers, … ›


The automotive industry is a trendsetter when it comes to globalization, procurement, production and sales. An extensive international network, structural mobility,  … ›


Multichannel customer approaches, digitalization, online and mobile payments, IT consolidation, and regulation. Banks have to react to changing market conditions and … ›


Healthcare Organizations all over the world use Retarus’ Enterprise Messaging Services to optimize their digital communications. … ›

IT and Telecommunications

Managed services allow ICT service providers to expand the range of services offered in their portfolio, consolidate and improve existing services and avoid step-fix … ›

Internet Economy

Reliable, speedy and timely transmission of orders and messages is of particular importance for the business models of internet economy companies.  … ›


Retarus’ cloud services ensure reliable, just-in-time communications and smooth processes, such as turnover of goods, customs clearance or purchase order management  … ›


Manufacturers and suppliers all over the world use Retarus’ Enterprise Messaging Services to optimize their digital communications. … ›

Retail and Wholesale

The data privacy compliant implementation of loyalty and bonus programs as well as the interconnection of geographically dispersed subsidiaries or a successful retur … ›

Solutions for all use cases

You are still facing the changeover to All-IP/VoIP, need to comply with special regulations and guidelines or would like to consolidate your IT? Achieve your objectives quickly and successfully with Retarus’ Cloud Services.

Case Study: Optibelt

The Arntz Optibelt Group is replacing their multiple EDI systems, previously operated in parallel by several providers, with one consolidated solution. In Retarus an … ›

Communication solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Digitalization is finding its way into more and more factories and private households. Under the guise of keywords like “Industry 4.0” or “Internet of Things” (IoT)  … ›

Advanced Threat Protection with Retarus E-Mail Security

The Essential Protection provided by Retarus E-Mail Security already makes use of comprehensive safeguarding measures and up to four different virus scanners, enabli … ›

Efficient processing of vehicle financing

No matter whether it’s a registration form with a legally valid signature, copies of a driver’s license, proof of income or other confidential documents, even in thi … ›

Postdelivery Protection thanks to Retarus Patient Zero Detection

Once malware has entered the system, it becomes crucial to limit the damage it can cause. Only by identifying the recipients of infected messages, the socalled patie … ›

Pick-up notifications easily sent by SMS

Retailers want to keep their customers informed about the status of deliveries and warranty claims both quickly and continuously. Communicating by means of SMS is an … ›

Product recalls communicated quickly and reliably

In the case of a product recall companies have to notify their customers as quickly as possible and stop sales immediately. Using Retarus WebExpress, enterprises rea … ›

Transmitting lab results securely and compliant

For patients to receive the right treatment in a timely manner, lab results need to be sent quickly and reliably. But sensitive personal medical data must also be ke … ›

Inbound faxes: Digitize incoming documents with Retarus

Receive orders, invoices, order confirmations, quotations, or contracts with Retarus Cloud Fax Services. Your documents are available in digitized format automatical … ›

Faxing and the switch from ISDN to IP with Retarus

Once All IP is in and ISDN is out, things will get tricky for faxing. To ensure that you can continue to send and receive faxes reliably, you need to take action. Do … ›

Fax server replacement: switch to fax services

Fax server at its limit? Service contracts that cost a lot and offer little? Terminated or discontinued manufacturer support? ... There are many reasons why switchi … ›

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All Cloud Services


Retarus E-Mail Security

Attacks are becoming more precise and intelligent. They long surpass the capabilities of conventional defense mechanisms, posing a continuous risk to companies. That … ›

Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices

Experience the seamless flow of information with your business partners. With fully scalable fax and SMS communication directly from and to your email client or win … ›

Retarus Cloud Services for SAP

Benefit from the first SAP certified messaging service worldwide: Send and receive business documents - as email, fax, SMS - directly via your SAP system. When utili … ›

Retarus Managed EDI Services

Seamless data exchange and B2B/EDI-Integration, SAP-certified to meet all of your compliance requirements. … ›

Retarus WebExpress

Send your personalized content reliably, even to large distribution lists. By email, fax or SMS—it's easy with a standardized and intuitive platform. Communicate dir … ›

Retarus Faxolution for SAP

Benefit from the world's first SAP-certified fax service: Send fax communications directly from SAP systems through the Retarus Fax Cloud. Retarus' managed service i … ›

Retarus Faxolution for SAP Business ByDesign

With Faxolution for SAP Business ByDesign, you can send faxes directly from your SAP on-demand system by utilizing the Retarus fax cloud. … ›

Retarus eSign

All the benefits of electronic invoicing in a complete outtasking solution: fast processes, low operating costs, full tracking and, above all, compliance with intern … ›

Retarus Managed Capture Services

Any of your suppliers and clients who have no EDI capabilities can continue to send their business correspondence by fax without having to make any changes to their  … ›

Retarus EDI Industry Solutions

A ready solution for every industry: Retarus’ many years of experience with EDI projects allows the company to offer many industries preconfigured EDI/XML solutions  … ›

Retarus Enterprise Email Archive

Effective business process management for enterprise messaging: Archive large email volumes on a long term basis with seamless retrieval and audit functions. … ›

Retarus Email Encryption

Rely on top-quality service for encryption of your email communication. Retarus E-Mail Encryption enables you to comply with applicable data protection regulations,  … ›

Retarus Managed File Transfer

Complete and secure MultiProtocol Mapping transactions for your business communications. Retarus Managed File Transfer sends your messages quickly, reliably and secu … ›

Technical specifications

Interfaces, formats, functions - you need technical details about Retarus Cloud Services? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Email security

Attacks are becoming more precise and intelligent. They long surpass the capabilities of conventional defense mechanisms, posing a continuous risk to companies. That … ›

Cloud Fax Services

Attacks are becoming more precise and intelligent. They long surpass the capabilities of conventional defense mechanisms, posing a continuous risk to companies. That … ›

Email Services

All functions, options and technical specifications of the Retarus Email Services at a glance. … ›

Business Integration Services

Retarus Business Integration Services provide an efficient and transaction-secure way to connect business partners, standardize data transfer processes, and optimize … ›

Retarus WebExpress

Effective marketing communication with on demand reporting including delivery, open rate and click tracking. Email, fax and SMS in a single platform - web-based and  … ›

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