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Advanced Threat ProtectionTech Corporation Expands Its Partnership with Retarus

The market-leading tech company headquartered in Germany develops, produces and sells a wide range of cutting-edge communication, information and security technologies for the corporate and public sectors. The company employs around 11,000 workers in over 70 countries and generates turnover of 2 billion Euros.

Initial Situation

Trust Established over Many Years

The tech company is amongst the world’s leading providers of measuring technology, television and audio technology, radio technology and cyber security, serving not only clients in the private sector, for instance in the automobile industry, but also providers of critical infrastructure, research services, education as well as government authorities and the armed forces. For ten years now, the corporation has already been safeguarding its infrastructure effectively against virus, spam and other malware with the four different virus scanners deployed in parallel by Retarus Email Security’s well-established and thoroughly proven Essential Protection package. In light of the increasing proliferation of advanced threats, the corporation’s IT department has recognized the need to provide the roughly 16,000 inboxes belonging to their employees, as well as their functional inboxes, with even more comprehensive security by complementing the Essential Protection package with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Retarus’ patented Patient Zero Detection (PZD)®.

Protection from Advanced Threats

Besides the flood of common spam and virus emails, which Retarus Essential Protection has already reliably been keeping away from the company’s inboxes, the IT department has increasingly been registering more complex threats, such as phishing and social engineering attacks. The objective was to effectively prevent such advanced threats by raising the level of protection. At the same time, another aim was to avoid burdening the company’s IT department with additional tasks as far as possible, as they were in the process of migrating from Lotus Notes/Domino (today: HCL Notes Domino) to Microsoft Exchange in parallel. Accordingly, there was also a prerequisite that any email security solution deployed, including Advanced Threat Protection, should function dependably in combination with both email systems. The security solution, moreover, had to scale flexibly so that subsidiaries and newly acquired companies could be tied in around the globe. Last but not least, fail-safety and data security play crucial roles at the company, which has clients in security-relevant sectors.

“In Retarus, the tech corporation has a long-standing, reliable partner in the field of email security. Thanks to our dependable, innovative services the company also has optimum protection from advanced threats and social engineering attacks on its staff. During the proof of concept, we worked closely with the customer to adapt the services to meet their needs, and continue to optimize the service on an ongoing basis within the scope of Retarus’ Service Management.”

Miriam-Carena Schmitt, Vice President Sales, Regulated Markets, retarus GmbH


Continuous Fine Tuning of Systems

Retarus Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which in addition to reliable CxO Fraud Detection also includes a comprehensive sandboxing technology, was initially trialed in a four-week proof of concept (PoC). The tech company additionally opted to protect itself with Retarus’ patented Patient Zero Detection® technology. This approach quickly identifies especially sneaky malware (patient zeros) if it has managed to find its way into the company infrastructure despite sophisticated ATP mechanisms, after which it alerts administrators and users without delay. The PoC process was closely attended by the security experts at Retarus, with ongoing coordination and fine-tuning of the system, and the interim results were discussed with the respective contacts at the tech corporation and optimizations were made on a weekly basis. Following a positive debriefing session, the company decided to continue employing the Retarus services, including all optimizations and adjustments worked out during the PoC.

Retarus Products


Further Optimization through Retarus Service Management

Comprising the Retarus Email Security components Essential Protection, Advanced Threat Protection and Patient Zero Detection®, the tech company opted for a security solution which provides comprehensive protection to the company around the world and relieves the company’s own IT department of any additional burden. Redundant connections with Retarus’ own main data center in Munich and a data center operated by Retarus in Frankfurt/Main ensure that the service meets the levels of fail-safety agreed in the SLA and complies with all the tech company’s data protection and security requirements. In the POC, Retarus’ services were closely aligned with and geared towards the corporation’s needs. Retarus Service Management, booked additionally by the corporation, ensures that the company’s IT department benefits from continuous optimization of the service. A dedicated Retarus contact coordinates service and support requests and takes over escalation management, should the need arise. In monthly service calls and reports, additional measures and recommendations for optimization are coordinated and any tickets which may have arisen are clarified and documented.

Key Facts

  • Reliable detection of new variants of virus and malware
  • Enhanced protection against social engineering
  • Dependable identification of recipients of patient zeros
  • Instant alerting
  • Detailed reports and analyses
  • Unburdening the company’s internal IT staff

Business Continuity Worldwide

With Retarus Email Security the tech corporation now has a cloud service at its disposal which integrates seamlessly into the changing communications infrastructure and is operated in accordance with the stringent European data protection regulations. The service, now expanded to include the Advanced Threat Protection component with sandboxing and CxO Fraud Detection as well as Retarus’ patented Patient Zero Detection®, fulfills the essential requirements for both compliance and business continuity, while also offering a transparent cost structure. The Retarus services can easily be extended to additional inboxes at subsidiaries and newly acquired companies around the world without any difficulty. Due to the preceding proof of concept and the separately booked Service Management option, Retarus’ services are always kept in perfect alignment with needs of the company.

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