TechCenter: Retarus Cloud Services for SAP

The world’s first managed service that allows you to communicate directly from your SAP system via email, fax, SMS and EDI with just a single interface. This gives you maximum flexibility without the need to install a specific infrastructure.

General Features

  • Email, fax, SMS and EDI for all SAP systems/modules
  • Enables scenarios involving SAP routers and load-balancing groups
  • Supports SAP priorities
  • Extensive reports, statistics and analyses
  • Configurable and future-proof thanks to software developed in-house
  • Can be implemented without the need for any changes to your existing SAP system


Faxolution for SAP

Send business documents from SAP systems via the Retarus Fax Cloud, which is SAP-certified, secure, reliable, and can be customized to meet your requirements without you needing a fax server. This makes peak problems with fax batches and campaigns a thing of the past.

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E-Mail for SAP

Retarus Messaging Services for SAP let you send emails from SAP without being dependent upon the availability of your email servers. All you need to do is transfer the data to us and we’ll send it out for you. This relieves the burden on your email infrastructure and provides other email applications with the full performance of your systems. By the way: Retarus Messaging Services for SAP provide you with a full range of options to document each step of the email delivery process, right through to its arrival at the recipient’s email server. You also receive a delivery confirmation for every email you send out.


Retarus Messaging Services for SAP let you send SMS directly from your SAP system, including immediate delivery confirmation. Our managed service provides full support for SAP’s BC-SMTP interface and can be immediately used without the need for any changes to your existing SAP system.

  • Send SMS directly from your SAP systems
  • Full support for SAP’s BC-SMTP interface
  • No GSM modem, additional hardware or software required, quick and simple to activate
  • Immediate delivery confirmation
  • Free choice of mobile-phone carrier, no matter where
  • Easy administration


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Inbound Fax Services

Retarus Inbound Fax Services allow you to receive faxes quickly and reliably via Retarus’ Enterprise Messaging Platform. Inbound faxes are sent straight to the intended recipient’s email inbox or directly to your business application for further processing.

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If your suppliers or customers do not use EDI and send data such as orders, advance shipping notes and invoices by fax, don’t worry! Help is at hand in the form of Retarus Fax2EDI, which allows you to integrate business partners without EDI capabilities into your existing EDI communication processes without incurring any additional costs or administration. This automation boost instantly increases your business communication efficiency, speeding up ordering processes and cash flows. This, in turn, provides you with cost savings of around 80% compared to manual order processing workflows.

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Managed EDI Services

Retarus Managed EDI Services are SAP-certified and offer smooth data exchange together with seamless integration of all application formats and companies from every industry. We standardize all of your data transfer processes and integrate any application format or industry standard you may be using. Our services ensure that each transaction is carried out correctly and on time while also providing full transparency of your process workflows thanks to documentation that’s exact right down to the second. Not only does this allow you to efficiently integrate business partners, you also benefit from transaction security, logistics chain optimizations, and dynamic integration of disparate systems.

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System Requirements

  • IP connection to Retarus – Internet (VPN), ENX, leased line, MPLS

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