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Gartner® WhitepaperThe Journey to Effective Supplier Collaboration – Strategy Design

Strategy development is the first step towards effective supplier collaboration. Align internal stakeholders and strategy with the overall goal.

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Do you want to improve collaboration with your suppliers but are unsure where to start?

In their latest research, Gartner® outlines the key steps for a strategic approach.

Download ‘The Journey to Effective Supplier Collaboration – Strategy Design’ from Gartner®. The research explains how your company can benefit from improved supplier collaboration regarding:
Cost optimization
Risk minimization
Responsibility and sustainability
Preferential treatment by suppliers
Operational process improvements
Revenue growth through supplier product innovations
Gartner® recommends several steps for achieving this. Beyond defining a strategy that helps attain the primary corporate goal, it is also important to involve internal stakeholders at an early stage of the strategic planning. Furthermore, divide suppliers into segments where the new strategy is then implemented in accordance with internal priorities. In addition to these and other valuable pieces of advice, the research also contains useful information pertaining to typical stakeholders and their relevance throughout strategic planning and development.

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Gartner® has published a series of four reports that examine various aspects of creating supplier relationships which serve as a guide for procurement managers.

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