Ordered online, delivered by the retailer: delivery processes optimized with Fax Integration

Online platforms are increasingly relying on cooperation with traditional retailers for their orders. And this is where a simple solution without technological or financial obstacles is needed. Retarus Faxolution for Applications is a reliable and secure service for sending orders to retail stores by fax directly from your applications.

The challenge

From food deliveries to ower greetings and pharmaceuticals orders many online platforms are increasingly relying on cooperation with traditional retailers rather than centralized warehouses for their business models. These web vendors act only as intermediaries, and benefit from the retailers expertise and local proximity to the customer. While customers select products conveniently from an online shop, the order is processed behind the scenes by a large partner network of local stores. However, the larger and more heterogeneous the retailer network, the harder it is for online platforms to reliably forward orders to local partner pharmacies, take-out restaurants, or orists. In addition, consumers quality expectations of online shopping are rising all the time. These days customers demand transparent notification of their order status at all times, as well as prompt delivery.

The background

Few retailers have a dedicated office. Even in stores where there is a PC workstation, it is often unmanned. Emails are often only read after substantial delays, if at all. So the installation of complex IT solutions hardly addresses the problem. Point-of-sale terminals also consume available resources due to their expensive hardware, high maintenance costs, and the need for time-consuming training for the employees who use them. In the restaurant business, introducing these types of systems is highly problematic due to the high staff turnover rate. Another issue is that sensitive electronics are generally rather impractical in the hustle and bustle of fast food kitchens or orist shops. To make the ordering process fast and uncomplicated for all involved, well-considered processes are crucial.

The solution

Internet platforms need a simple solution that neither presents a hurdle for retailers and restaurants, nor requires unnecessary investment. The answer lies in well-tried and standardized technology. Retarus Faxolution for Applications allows online vendors to reliably place orders with their partners by fax directly and securely. Retailers can simply continue using their existing fax machines to receive them.

Customer benefits

  • Optimized order processes
  • No investment costs for retailers
  • Transmission report with time stamp
  • Easy connection via standard APIs
  • Fax and SMS from one source

Did you know?

Take-out delivery services receive tens of thousands of orders at peak times, for example during half-time of an international soccer game. Thanks to Retarus these orders are forwarded to connected restaurants reliably by fax in just a few seconds.

Use case

Retarus cloud infrastructure handles the rest. Once the customer makes a selection on the internet platform and triggers an order by filling out a web form, it is automatically sent by fax to the appropriate retailer or restaurant. Thanks to the time stamp, vendors can track exactly when the order was received. After successful transmission, an automated reply is sent to the online vendors IT system, which then sends the customer an order confirmation by email or SMS. And for these two communication channels, vendors can rely on Retarus Cloud Services too.

Internet platforms benefit from the highest levels of transmission security and availability, as well as scalable transmission capacity at all times. Orders are triggered more quickly and processed without delay. Crucially, vendors do not need their own infrastructures for transmission. A standardized interface, such as RESTful API, is all they need to integrate Retarus solutions into their own systems. Thanks to Retarus reliable cloud services, platforms are always able to respond exibly to peak loads and increasing demand, and expand into international markets at short notice.

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Other scenarios

Automating fax orders

Fax is also a popular way of placing wholesale orders. With Retarus Cloud Fax Services, suppliers can add recipient-specific barcodes to their order forms. Thanks to this labeling and text recognition, incoming faxes can be assigned to and processed by a branch store with full automation.

Communication via Two-way SMS

With Retarus Cloud SMS Services, branch stores can be reached quickly in urgent cases. By means of a connection to the CRM system, reply messages can be received. Depending on the keywords it contains, an incoming SMS is tagged accordingly and processed in the system.

SMS pick-up notifications

Approximately 90 percent of all texts are read within the first three minutes after being delivered. Whether it involves picking up a repaired laptop or confirming a delivery time for a newly purchased pair of reading glasses, Retarus Mail2SMS enables service employees to inform their customers efficiently directly and easily via an email client.

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