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From Digitized Receipt to Automated Processing Document Inbound Workflow Made Better with Retarus.

Receive orders, invoices, order confirmations, quotations, or contracts with Retarus Cloud Fax. Your documents are available in digitized format automatically. In your email client or document management system, as well as in your CRM, ECM, or ERP system. As a file or in the form of structured data for automated processing. In just the way that suits your processes the best.

Digitize Your Incoming Documents:
Reduce Administration Costs, Optimize Processes

Whether you receive documents in your email client or in your applications, whether “simply” digitized or already “ready” for automated processing: you save time by not having to scan, pre-sort, and distribute documents or manually enter data in your systems.

In short, with Retarus, you reduce administrative costs and accelerate processes, improving your workflows and your cash flow.

Digitize Your Incoming Mail

Do your business partners send you orders or invoices by postal mail? Change your channel of communication to fax.

  • Advantage for the sender:
    Save time and money by sending digitized documents instead of postal mail.
  • Advantage for you:
    Documents arrive in your inbox automatically digitized—from the very start and ready for the next step in the system or by an employee.
  • Benefits for both:
    Faster processing, reduced costs, and a secure and traceable transmission channel.


of businesses fax
often to very often.*


of businesses see the
digital transformation as an opportunity.*

What Are You Waiting For?

Digitize your fax communication. Right away with Retarus. No need to change your systems, no need for additional hardware or software, and no need for an internal fax infrastructure.

Digitize your faxing now

* Source: Bitkom Digital Office Index

Ready for Any Workflow: Today and Tomorrow

We receive your incoming fax documents and digitize them for you. At the right place, in the right format. Ready to go for the next steps. You don’t have to invest in any additional hardware or software. Simply connect to the Retarus Enterprise Cloud and get started. What’s more, you are automatically equipped for the next generation of technology: connect once and new requirements for your method of communication can be implemented quickly and easily at any time.

Digital Instead of Analog:
Receive Faxes in Your Email Client

Receive faxes directly in the responsible employee’s email client or in a department group mailbox. Automatically ensure that travel expense reports get to accounting, quotations to purchasing, and confidential contract documents signed and encrypted to the managing director’s inbox.

With Retarus’ smart routing options, you can easily set up and optimize your digital fax workflows: You define which document lands on which desk via the recipient number, sender number, or based on information within the document itself—read by OCR and barcode recognition. No need for manual digitization, pre-sorting, and distribution. The documents are available in digitized form upon receipt. In exactly the right place—where your employees process them.

Computer screen showing a screenshot of an email client and fax document
Finger taps on a tablet

At the Destination Instead of en Route:
Receive Faxes in Your Business Applications

Whether you use ERP or CRM, an enterprise content management system or document management system, SAP, Microsoft or legacy, whether in the cloud or on premise: Thanks to Retarus, implementing digital fax workflows is simple and incoming documents can be received directly in your business applications.

Structured Instead of Unstructured:
Process Incoming Documents Automatically

Do your business partners send you orders and invoices by fax? Retarus’ add-on Intelligent Document Processing service can receive these documents in a way that your ERP system can process them automatically. Here’s how it works: We receive the documents for you, read the data using highly intelligent recognition software (OCR, ICR, and IDR), convert them into the target format, and transfer them (including the original document for the archive) to your systems.

You benefit by saving time and preventing data entry errors in your ERP system. The degree of automation increases and costs sink. All this without having to invest in hardware and software, without needing a WebEDI portal and without having to convince customers and suppliers to use a new transmission channel.

Ready for All IP

With Retarus, faxes are not sent via the VoIP infrastructure of your telecommunications provider, but rather directly via Retarus data centers. These centers are connected redundantly to multiple Tier 1 carriers and the bandwidth can be scaled as needed.

With Retarus, connection failure or erroneous sites are things of the past. Irrespective of how high the fax volume is.

Ensure fax quality in IP environments now ›

Retarus Cloud Fax: Your Benefits at a Glance

Seamless Integration

Whether you use an ERP, a CRM or a legacy system, Epic, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspace — thanks to open standards, you can connect Retarus Cloud Fax to almost any business or cloud application. For example, via RESTful-API web service or via standard interfaces and protocols such as SMTP, SFTP, and HTTPS.

OPEX instead of CAPEX

Reduce your investment and process costs. Retarus lets you massively reduce or completely eliminate costs for telephony and fax infrastructures, software, updates, administration, and maintenance. Retarus' billing models are based exclusively on usage-related batch and page prices (pay-per-use).

Enterprise-Level SLAs

It doesn't matter if you are an international enterprise, a mid-sized company, or a startup. Choose the service level agreement that best meets your needs in terms of quality, support, and response time. We offer customized SLAs to guarantee special requirements, for example, the exclusive processing of your data in a specific Retarus data center.

OCR and Barcode Recognition

Retarus Cloud Fax enables you to seamlessly integrate faxing into your workflows. Read out information or barcodes from incoming documents with the OCR and barcode recognition feature and then use customized smart routing options to presort, forward, store, or process the documents automatically according to your rules.

Worldwide Telephone Number Service

Receive faxes anywhere in the world with local numbers. Retarus provides service and call numbers on all continents that can be managed and assigned easily via a web-based administration portal (EAS). Additionally, porting existing fax numbers is possible at any time.

Want to keep your own fax numbers? With our specialized knowledge of SIP integrations, we can meet all of your requirements.

Monitoring and Analysis

Check the status of your fax communications at any time using dashboards and detailed reports in the web-based Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS). In real time or in user-defined periods. For both outgoing and incoming faxes.

Long-Term Archiving

Ensure full compliance with industry-specific or statutory regulations. Retarus' long-term archiving helps your fax communications comply with the most stringent data security and integrity requirements.

Security and Compliance

Rely on maximum security. With its global data centers, Retarus fulfills the most stringent country- and industry-specific requirements for data protection and data security including ISAE 3402 Type II and PCI DSS certifications, HIPAA and GDPR compliance, and many more

Paper in hand, file in the archive

Do you need to print your faxes? No problem. With Retarus you can print out incoming faxes automatically on any network printer or multifunction device. Simultaneously, these documents are available to you in digital form, ready to be archived or ready for other downstream tasks.

Global and Available Anytime

Count on reliable fax communication worldwide. With its own redundantly connected data centers in Europe, Asia, and the US, the Retarus Enterprise Cloud offers maximum availability and capacity enabling optimal fax reception. 24/7.

Reduce Administration Costs and Optimize Processes Now

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