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Retarus Whitepaper Reputation Management, a Key Factor in Your Company’s Success

Learn how you can protect your reputation with Retarus’ enterprise email service as a sender and consistently improve the delivery rate of your emails by reading our whitepaper “Reputation management, a key factor in your company’s success: How your emails are placed exactly where you want them to be”.

How Your Emails Are Placed Exactly Where You Want Them to Be

Whether you’re dealing with orders and invoices, or registration and order confirmations: For crucial business processes you need to be able to rely on your emails safely reaching their recipients’ inboxes. Along with newsletters, customer service requests and other interactions, however, a huge volume of email which needs to be sent in a short space of time is soon generated. Email providers often misconstrue such messages as spam, meaning that legitimate, sometimes business-critical, emails are not delivered. How can you ensure that your emails are found in the inbox, and not hidden in the junk-mail folder?

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