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Retarus’ NTP Services enable precise time synchronization in the “internet of things”

Messaging service provider guarantees high availability

Munich, 15/09/2015 // With Retarus’ NTP (Network Time Protocol) Services companies can reliably ensure the time synchronization of their devices via the internet – down to the millisecond. Customers benefit from highly reliable, fail-safe and future-proof services. Using service level agreements, Retarus provides a binding guarantee that the services will remain available throughout the entire contract period.

The “internet of things” is growing at an astounding rate. According to Gartner, by the year 2020 around 25 billion devices will be connected to each other via the internet. This includes an increasing number of applications which require precise and synchronized time information in order to perform their tasks reliably. Global messaging service provider Retarus now offers reliable, fail-safe and future-proof NTP services, which allow businesses to control and monitor the time synchronization of client devices flexibly via the internet. Country-specific times can thus be correctly implemented. Furthermore, service level agreements (SLA) can be set up to guarantee the high availability of the services throughout the entire contract period. In order to ensure lower latencies, Retarus runs all services in the company’s own multiply redundant data centers located in Europe, Asia and the US. The services also offer authentication and encryption options, can be individually adapted to meet company-specific requirements and are fully scalable at all times to meet the demands of growing client numbers.

Time synchronization in milliseconds

Retarus’ NTP services offer an extremely high temporal accuracy. According to requirements, they enable the hourly or daily synchronization of connected client devices via the internet with precise physical timekeepers such as atomic clocks. The time information provided in this way corresponds to the UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) or the official time valid in each country. All connected devices draw on the same time information during synchronization and can therefore be aligned exactly to each other during data entry and parallel workloads. In every case, the system time is synchronized with the actual reference time right down to the precise millisecond.

Reliable service for critical infrastructures

“Due to the increasing interconnection of applications in the “internet of things”, we are currently observing a growing demand for NTP solutions – especially in areas such as Smart Home, Healthcare, Finance and Energy Provision”, says Bernhard Hecker, Director Product Management at Retarus. “It is especially important for critical infrastructures that applications controlled over the internet access uniform time information, which is correct to the exact millisecond. Our services are perfectly geared to support critical infrastructures. For this reason, leading production companies already rely on Retarus’ NTP services.”

Martin Hager, CEO of the Retarus Group, adds: “We offer our customers not only an outstanding and precise service, but also agree contractually on the service level and guarantee the availability of our services. This is especially important for companies which must be able to depend on the availability of such services. Our customers are well familiar with our reliability and have trusted in it for many years.”

About Retarus

Retarus is a leading global provider of professional messaging solutions and has been developing and offering services for electronic corporate communications since 1992. Retarus' vision is to create the perfect network for the global economy. Therein, Retarus manages the safe and efficient flow of information for enterprises around the world. Retarus' solutions optimize business process communications, ensuring business continuity and providing highest levels of security and performance. Companies such as Adidas, Bayer, Continental, DHL, DZ Bank, Honda, Linde, Osram, Puma, Sixt, Sony and Thomas Cook as well as 50 percent of the enterprises listed in EURO STOXX 50 rely on Retarus' messaging services to exchange mission-critical business documents. Each of Retarus' employees makes the company's core service values customer focus, innovation, high quality and transparency their mission.

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