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Research and Innovation

Since 1992, all core systems for Retarus cloud services have been developed in-house. As early as 1994 – only two years after the company was founded – Retarus was essentially the first company to offer Europe-wide managed services for email security. Ever since, we have expanded and further developed our product portfolio for fax, email, SMS, and business integration.

Our research division is continuously developing innovative ideas and solutions and we protect this intellectual property for both our customers as well as our company.

Our Patents

Over the years, Retarus has registered the following patents:

Patent number Description Also granted in
EP3203715 Method for Transmitting Fax Messages from a Fax Message Sending Device to a Fax Message Receiving Device USA, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong
Technique for Detecting Suspicious Electronic Messages USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong
EP3190767 Technique for Detecting Malicious Electronic Messages USA, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong
DE102014103401.5 Method, Apparatus, and System for Securing Transmission of Electronic Messages

Research at Retarus

Our research division and product teams are continuously developing new, innovative cloud services and functions. Retarus’ innovation competence is confirmed, among others, by the Certification Body for Research Grants (BSFZ) at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).