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Retarus Academy


Learn@Retarus is a learning hub with training courses that help you develop both personally and professionally. We support you through every phase of your employment: be it onboarding, promotions, targeted specialized trainings, and even specific business language courses. Learn at your own pace: our location-independent e-learning platform allows you to choose the best time that fits your daily schedule.


Well Begun Is Half Done.

As a new employee at Retarus you’ll enjoy comprehensive induction courses tailored to your position.


Welcome to Retarus

About Retarus

Our welcome meeting will give you an opportunity to find out about the history of Retarus, what sets it apart from the crowd, and where the company is headed. Whenever possible, this presentation is given by the founder and CEO himself.


Who Is Who


Our Heads of Department will present themselves and their respective remits. During the tour of the company, you’ll visit every department and meet the people in each team. What kind of welcome do you think your own department has in store for you? We’re not going to spoil the surprise!


Intangible but Easily Graspable


Our IT and sales specialists will provide a number of product training sessions where you’ll find out what our Cloud Services for E-Mail, Fax, SMS and EDI can do, how they work, which of our services are typically used by which kind of company, and what are their benefits.



Tools & Rules

How do things work at Retarus? What do I do if…? Where can I find…? Office supplies, advertising material, travel booking, company cars, the vacation tool, car parks… - the Retarus Welcome Folder and our Intranet will provide you with all the information you might need during your everyday work.


You Can’t Know Everything, but You Can Learn.

It doesn’t matter whether you work in the development or product management department, the technical, sales or administration teams, or whether you’re an apprentice, first-time employee, joining from a different background, or are qualified with several years of experience – we want to help you get ahead, both personally and professionally.


For First-Time Employees and People with Experience.

We offer our employees a wide range of different personal and group training sessions, seminars, workshops, coaching and training courses – both in-house and external – to meet the employee’s needs and specialty. The many courses we offer cover topics such as project management, presentation skills, facilitation and moderation skills, sales techniques, contract law, data protection and privacy, intercultural communication, marketing, foreign languages, the Retarus portfolio, Retarus policies, the Retarus mission statement, patent law, programming, databases, and operating systems, to name but a few.


For Managers and Anyone Wanting to Become One.

Retarus managers attend one or two training and coaching sessions each year that cover topics such as managerial roles, objective agreement processes, moderation and conflict management, how to delegate properly, efficient meetings, time management, and self-management. Potential managers also attend our Leadership Development Program which provides intensive training sessions and coaching for an eight-month period that runs in tandem with their regular work and covers topics such as management, social skills, methodological expertise, competency, communication skills, economics, decision-making skills, change management, and conversation techniques.


For Apprentices, Interns, and Students.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re training to become an IT specialist or a management assistant in IT-systems, whether you’re doing an internship while studying information technology, or whether you’re a trainee in controlling – we’re more than happy to support our young talent on a personal, professional and even financial level. Retarus provides grants to working Master’s students, combined-study employees (who work and study at the same time), and employees whose courses involve on-the-job training.


Today Your Hometown, Tomorrow the World.

You get the opportunity to gain experience abroad: be it for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few years.


Work and Play.

Retarus holds regular onsite and offsite company and team events that range from annual sales kick-off events to spontaneous meetings in the cafeteria. Events are held both during and outside of working hours, and are aimed to motivate staff, impart information, act as a team-building exercise, or just for fun.

Jetzt zu retarus kommen!

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