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Retarus Cloud Services for Retail and Wholesale

Mobile and cash-free payments, increasing online trade and a growing number of chain stores – to stay competitive traders have to react to customers’ rising expectations and ever-changing understanding of service. Innovative information technologies and efficient processes are now more important than ever.

Streamlining Communications in Complex Trading Networks

Significant changes in buying behavior have made modern IT and communication solutions essential. Staying in constant contact with customers is as important as having a secure connection with wholesalers. The data privacy compliant implementation of loyalty and bonus programs as well as the interconnection of geographically dispersed subsidiaries or a successful returns management require a modern communications infrastructure that reliably covers virtually all business processes. To fulfill these requirements and to optimize their processes, wholesalers and leading retail chains all over the world use Retarus’ Enterprise Messaging Services.

We have about 35,000 customers. In order to provide them all with offers as simultaneously as possible by fax, we need Retarus’ infrastructure. In this way we can manage our fax transmission in a smooth and time-efficient way.

Thorsten Weber, Head of Centralized Applications and Provider Manager at Deutsche See Fischmanufaktur

Why Retarus

Our highly developed interfaces, global availability and absolute failure safety provide the prerequisites for successful business communications. Retarus’ services support traders, for instance in safeguarding and archiving their emails, delivering legally binding invoices and documents, or transmitting transactional messages directly from their business applications. Be it orders, customer loyalty campaigns, service and recall activities or marketing communications: We help you reach your customers promptly via their preferred communication channel – SMS, email or fax. Offering flexible SLAs, Retarus’ Cloud Services meet the highest quality and speed requirements. Multi-client enabled reporting functions and a pay-per-use price model guarantee maximum levels of transparency and cost controls. The data privacy compliant processing in local Retarus data centers additionally offers ultimate levels of security. That’s what a steadily increasing number of wholesalers and retailers around the globe are counting on.

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Each Customer Is a Recommendation

Please review our references for examples of how businesses in the retail and wholesale industry have successfully mastered specific requirements thanks to Retarus’ Cloud Services.

Application Integration

Flexible, transparent and customized global communications services that allow you to send and receive faxes, emails, and text messages directly via your business applications and cargo systems – reliably, securely and without needing an on-premises infrastructure. We are PCI DSS-certified for both data centers and services. Ideal for critical and essential applications such as the transmission of mTans. Ideal also for automatically sending out customer information or pickup notifications.

Email Security & Compliance

Our end-to-end antivirus and antispam email communication solution provides gateway-based encryption, data processing through Retarus’ own PCI DSS-certified data centers that meet the most stringent data protection guidelines, as well as innovative email management and audit-compliant archiving.

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Desktop Communication

Fax and SMS services for Desktops and Devices: Seamless integration into Microsoft Windows, Office and Exchange or HCL Notes Domino environments. Efficient services that ensure maximum usability and deliverability. No need to install fax servers or an SMS gateway. Perfect for speedy transmission of documents, handling of customer information and management of subsidiaries and suppliers – just-in-time and around the globe.

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Broadcast & Content Delivery

Broadcast services designed to meet every need for efficient business communication and high-volume transmissions via email, fax and SMS. Our web-based solution is platform-independent and easy-to-use, allowing you to act promptly when it comes to sales, customer service, marketing, IR, PR, or staff and association communications. Create your fax and SMS mailshots intuitively via web browser and send them out reliably and exactly as scheduled – all within two minutes.

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