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Retarus launches new service to reduce administrative efforts for email encryption

User Synchronization for Encryption enables companies to maintain control over their key management

Munich, 14.11.2023 // Retarus has made its new User Synchronization for Encryption (USE) service available to their customers. The service is an integral component of Retarus’ Email Encryption solution and enables IT security managers to automate numerous tasks, saving time as well as money.

Email encryption is a core aspect of any IT security concept, granting companies the best possible protection from unauthorized access to their confidential business information. At the same time, it places a significant burden on the IT department. Certificates always need to be kept up to date, for instance when new employees join or leave the company. Meanwhile, the latest guidelines and compliance policies need to be taken into account when activating new rule sets or ordering certificates. This usually involves a considerable amount of manual work. With its new USE, Retarus is offering a service which significantly simplifies the administration of company-specific encryption policies and the importing of users – allowing them, for instance, to make use of uniform rule sets in the course of their encryption processes. S/MIME and PGP keys can also be generated automatically and synchronized by way of the service. This gives IT managers full control over encryption users and their keys. Large enterprises, in particular, who have large numbers of users, IT systems integrators, and distributors benefit greatly from the huge reduction in manual efforts and error rate.

User Synchronization for Encryption is effortless and secure to use. IT Security managers define for which of their employees keys and certificates need to be generated, and exactly how the customized rule sets should be configured. This input is processed automatically by Retarus. Administrators receive a report detailing the status of the synchronization and the generated keys by way of email.

Communicate securely and confidentially with Retarus Email Encryption

USE is an integral component of Retarus Email Encryption. The gateway-based encryption solution, which enables companies to safeguard the confidentiality of their email communication, runs entirely automatically in the background. Using a secure webmail provider, the solution works successfully even if a communication partner is not using an encryption service of their own. Based on customer-specific rule sets, confidential messages are encrypted automatically, along with any attachments, and forwarded securely to the recipient. In addition, the intelligent email filtering carried out by Retarus Email Security Services ensures that outbound messages are scanned reliably for viruses before they are encrypted, while inbound messages are checked thoroughly once they have been decrypted. Retarus uses the well-established S/MIME (SwissSign), PGP and OpenPGP standards for the data transmission. An encrypted connection moreover ensures that sensitive information is secured against unauthorized access at all times, during every phase of the email transmission.

About Retarus

Retarus is a global provider of cloud solutions, modernizing and securing the digital communications and data exchange of organizations and public authorities. Key products are digital Cloud Fax, SMS, Transactional Email, Email Security, Supply Chain Integration, and Intelligent Document Processing. Retarus operates globally distributed data centers, providing these solutions with top performance, security, and data protection. Headquartered in Munich and founded in 1992, Retarus is privately owned and proud of its innovative strength. The company employs around 500 people in 20 locations on four continents. Nearly half of the companies listed in the S&P Global 100 already place their trust in Retarus and, along with leading analysts, confirm the outstanding quality and reliability of its services. Retarus generates around 40 percent of its revenue in the US and offers its products both directly and in close cooperation with selected partners. More information:

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