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SMS from & to applications Efficient Staff Planning Thanks to Two-Way SMS

SMS from and to Applications: Act Faster with Two-Way SMS

The Challenge

Personnel placement and temporary employment services are among the most important service markets facilitating entrepreneurial flexibility. To continue to hold their own in this highly competitive environment, personnel service providers must be able to provide their customers with qualified staff faster than ever before. This is especially true in cases where short-term bottlenecks occur due to illness, seasonal fluctuation and order peaks. The problem is that those managing large workforces are often faced with a shortage of both time and administrative capacity.

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient coordination of staff
  • Short response times
  • Minimum effort and expenditure
  • Increased administrative capacity
  • Optimized order processing
  • Increased customer satisfaction

The Background

Whether it’s temporary or long-term personnel deployment, individual or team assignments many staffing agencies coordinate staff primarily by telephone. In an initial non-binding conversation, the agency first inquires about availability and interest in the position. The worker called only receives more information about the place of employment and working hours in a second conversation. Moreover, multiple phone calls have to be made to potential staff simply because they cannot be reached. Documenting these calls is also tiresome and is usually done manually. Media disruption between the various communication channels can hardly be avoided. To significantly reduce the administrative effort required, personnel service providers are increasingly seeking automated communication solutions that efficiently facilitate information exchange with staff.

The Solution

Retarus Enterprise SMS Services allow texts to be sent securely and reliably from business applications, ERP or CRM systems, and web-based applications to any mobile phone in the world straight from the Retarus infrastructure without the expense of additional hardware or software. The SMS to applications functionality enables incoming SMS replies to be automatically pushed to the relevant enterprise business applications. Data is always encrypted for transmission. Companies around the world benefit from scalable transmission capacities and maximum transaction security. The SMS services, including the two-way SMS service, are operated in Retarus own data centers in accordance with the applicable local compliance and data protection regulations.

The Benefits of Two-Way SMS at a Glance

SMS transmission and reception directly from or to business applications or email clients
Virtually unlimited sending and receiving capacity
Support for numerous APIs: REST, SOAP, HTTP (XML), SMPP or SMTP
Compliance with regional regulations for the successful international delivery of text messages
Provision of telephone numbers for receiving SMS worldwide
Comprehensive monitoring thanks to detailed reports

Use Case for Two-Way SMS

Retarus two-way SMS services enable personnel service providers to have quick access to external staffing resources. The benefits: SMS messages can be delivered to any cell phone even if network coverage is poor; they also have high opening rates and are read with minimum delay. With Retarus Enterprise SMS Services, staffing agents can filter out qualified staff in their CRM systems with just a few clicks and then send them a text message directly from the CRM, with a reply option. To facilitate this, Retarus can provide special telephone numbers upon request to which replies can be sent. In addition, the SMS to applications services allow the sender to use keywords in the SMS text to respond, such as “OK” or “NO”. The SMS services forward incoming replies directly to the business applications, so the replies can be tagged automatically in the CRM system according to the keyword contained in the reply. The responsible staffing agent only has to call potential workers who have sent a positive response to clarify details of the assignment. This significantly reduces administrative effort, meaning that more orders can be processed in a shorter space of time.

More information
The web-based Retarus Enterprise Administration Services EAS Portal (EAS Portal) allows users to easily configure general send and receive options in advance. On request companies can receive automatic delivery confirmations for each text sent, so they can accurately trace when the message passed through the Retarus infrastructure, when it was transferred to the cellular carrier and when it was received by the customer. The Retarus infrastructure uses its network of aggregators to reach 99 percent of all mobile communications networks on all continents. Moreover, Retarus complies with the applicable regional regulations across the globe for the successful delivery of text messages.
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Did You Know?

The average opening rate for texts is 98%. Approximately 90% of all texts are opened within the first three minutes of delivery.

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