Retarus SMS for Exchange

World’s first Cloud SMS Service for Microsoft Exchange/Outlook: Fast, convenient and reliable short message delivery directly from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook to mobile phones. Comprehensive configuration options available within 24 hours.

SMS messages straight out of Outlook

Retarus SMS for Exchange offers the world-first option of incorporating a professional Cloud SMS service in a Microsoft Exchange/Outlook environment. It allows you to send SMS messages to mobile phones directly from your email client, using telephone numbers saved in your Outlook contact details. You only require your own email domain. No mobile broadcast infrastructure, special hardware or software is required.

SMS Cloud for Microsoft Exchange

Retarus SMS for Exchange connects your company’s Exchange server directly with Retarus’ SMS Cloud. In this way your authorized Exchange users can immediately start sending short messages to mobile phones. You can also set up personalized SMS sender identities. Alternatively you can choose to use a global sender number, such as the company’s main switchboard number.

By employing Communication Directory Synchronisation users can automatically reconcile with the Active Directory or LDAP.

Powerful performance and quick implementation

In addition to supporting the standard GSM-7 font for SMS messages of up to 160 characters, Retarus SMS for Exchange also supports UNICODE UTF-16. This font also displays non-Roman lettering, such as Turkish, Polish or Asian alphabets. Should your message require more than 160 characters, Retarus SMS for Exchange will link up your entered text to form one long SMS message. You can determine the maximum number of standard SMS messages which can comprise the chain.

As a rule, the service can be activated within 24 hours. Experienced Retarus IT architects will support you in configuring the service to perfectly suit your requirements.

Utmost transparency for optimal controlling

At the Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS) you can access detailed transmission statistics and monthly lists of individual connections. Here you can also administrate all setting for SMS for Exchange. All reporting and monitoring details can be downloaded around the clock in prepared formats. The EAS portal provides you with a unique level of process transparency and gives you effective support in controlling your company-wide SMS solution.

Case Studies: Each customer is a recommendation

Organizations from all industries and of all sizes utilize the Retarus communication platform to optimize their business and messaging processes. Our case studies provide examples of how organizations have utilized the Retarus suite of services to meet their companies messaging requirements.

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